Sound of horror games?

scarletmichellescarletmichelle Member Posts: 1
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Do the sounds you play or do you emit that haunt you while you sleep?
Halloween sounds are often incorporated into horror game sounds.
I find a lot of them and it's completely free at


  • VWilliammVWilliamm Member Posts: 2
    I don't like horror music but I like halloween music
  • celinaacelinaa Member Posts: 1
    so when it comes to horror games I'm interested in finding out what really scares you? I for one love psychological scares such as random noises such as footsteps in a distant corridor, whispers, shadow figures stalking you, weird or freaky monster designs. I also love feeling helpless. Which is why horror games that load you with ammo and such really diminish the scare value. So with that said, what elements in a horror game do you like? What really scares, you?
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