Lucky harpoon vs. Winter harpoon

I happened to buy the lucky harpoon (normal threat generating one) and shortly after the winter harpoon was introduced. Already at that point I felt bit cheated (I know I was not, that is just how markets work) as better one was available so soon and I'd rather have taken that deal as I only can buy stuff once in a while . I know deals change but now the ones who got the better deal also get extra one for free. So please at least make the winter harpoon available in black market for gold so I and many others who missed this 2 for 1 deal have chance to close the advantage gap a bit... Or gift it to people who made purchase in December.
End of my cry now I'm ready to get my down votes or whatever


  • find2046find2046 Member Posts: 66
    Obviously, NG believe this game was done and sell everythings in short.  
    If my memory is right, special weapons are rare in the past.  I've played this game over 1 year.  I waited for Morgan stuff over half year when missed.  Harpoon was a mystery.  But, how many times those have been shown in Dec?  
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