Winter harpoon replacement

I bought 1 of each new winter harpoon gun for there improved trait and worked hard upgrading both! I was only compensated for 1 . Did not receive the one with lucky. Very disappointing have to again grind for xp and wait for weapon upgrade event and can’t use effectively in This GW! Buyer beware strikes again! In the real world you would receive an even exchange or refund for defective merchandise or false advertising. It isn’t an even exchange when you lose xp for scrapping the fully upgraded wrong ones and only get 1 when got 2 harpoons. Already had 2 regular harpoon guns. Hope others who bought lucky got theirs . Don’t know how to attach this to send to NG staff, so if anyone else effected can you please forward this . Really wanted that lucky harpoon with that trait working is why I bought,


  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,083
    Hey @Nanajja , please check your inventory. Both Harpoon Guns should be there. The popup you receive will only show the first "compensation" you get, but it doesn't show any others that you might have gotten. 

    There's also no need to scrap the "half-silent" Harpoon guns, since they still do hold an edge over the regular one.

  • chevchelliouschevchellious Member Posts: 23
    Fluxxx said:
    Hey @Nanajja , please check your inventory. Both Harpoon Guns should be there. The popup you receive will only show the first "compensation" you get, but it doesn't show any others that you might have gotten. 

    There's also no need to scrap the "half-silent" Harpoon guns, since they still do hold an edge over the regular one.

    But they could activate the 5s upgrade events and double XP discard
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Firekid yes lol 
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,940
    Makes perfect sense, get better deal than you expected and still want more. 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Firekid or a deal that was not working as intended with gold and Xp being spent... It was a falsely lead bundle, not working as intended, and was not the product we thought we purchased. 
  • TWDaddictionTWDaddiction Member Posts: 490
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    3vilrine said:
    Firekid said:
    You want 5 second upgrades and double XP because you got 2 free harpoons? 

    Stop fanboyin so hard for once pls.. and realise that you got scammed for once
    Completely agree. I don’t get on here like I used to but you guys gotta realize you got a weapon that did not work as intended, spent xp to upgrade, then they fixed it (which is awesome), but they sent a new one that is not upgraded. We should not have to farm and waste new xp on something that we essentially thought we already did. It seems extremely fair to have the new one upgraded if we had previously upgraded it? That can’t be completely out of line here?

    In the past that wouldn’t have been a problem for me but I’ve already toned my spending back and game time back for reasons like this. I will always continue to be a part of this awesome community but we can’t just agree with everything in a situation like this. This isn’t “making us whole”. This is fixing their mess up then making up spend even more to upgrade their “fix”. how does that make sense?
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,186
    To be fair I upgraded my broken one knowing it was broken

    But I thought it would be fixed, not replaced. 

    I'm glad I got an extra one so I'm not too salty, but I understand why some people are.

    A Max XP bundle would fix this and five second upgrade

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  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 82
    Thx for the help ! FYI I am not asking for something for nothing already had harpoons and spent xp upgrading 2 more which thought we’re going to be better and weren’t and now have to build xp to upgrade 2 more fixed ones which will take some time w/o event running so ya I am a little discouraged don’t need 6 harpoon guns. Would have preferred even exchange at upgraded level  as Scrapping doesn’t give all xp used was my point. This is little different than weapon with glitches like shield, pretty sure most people wanted because improved trait compared to regular harpoon which it wasn’t. 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @zbot im loving the drama can we get all 3 posts on this topic combined?

    As for everyone else I said in another post give a 24 hour booster be done. F2P get nothing for spending nothing, people who purchase and then instant upgraded get their booster. Everyone wins.

    At end of day it was a bad product, it wasn’t coded correctly and NG fixed it. It’s happened before numerous times. I knew it was gold be changed that’s why I bought it, just lucked out on how it played out.

    @Fluxxx that seems fair a 24 hour gas? 
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,940
    As per my reply in the other thread. You’ve spent XP on a weapon which is better than a regular harpoon. You will keep it and am sure you will use it. You’ve now been given a new harpoon for “free”. 
    If they removed the upgraded one and gave a none upgraded on I would agree that XP should be given as part of the compensation but you get to keep it. 
    XP isn’t exactly a rare commodity most people who are end game use spare xp to upgrade useless gear as an XP bank. Yet now your complaining because you’ve upgraded a useful weapon. 
    Oh and I don’t think I’ve been scammed at all, I’m one of the lucky ones who got 2 harpoons for the price of 1. 
  • FreeToPlayFreeToPlay Member Posts: 36
    No, what is done throughout life, in all shops, is to change the product for one that works correctly, and in this case give as compensation for the possible xp spended on uploading it. If a user uploaded it, he will get the same, if he did not upload it, he will earn XP.
    Another option, delete the wrong weapon and return the same fixed and upgraded weapon.
    This is how to work properly in any area of life.
    I have not bought the weapon and I do not ask for it.
  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 82
    We will have to agree to disagree would have preferred they took  back non working ones and just given corrected upgraded ones( even  exchange ). I am not looking for a freebie just have other things I want to upgrade, now have 2 more again takes time & xp to do. Bundles were gift  am discouraged but not end of world! Is what it is only wanted to express my disappointment @ not getting even exchange to consider if should happen again. I am sure some are happy to get 2 different kinds for price of one . I personally am not but apparently my opinion has ruffled a lot of feathers. Appreciate NG was trying to make up for mistake by allowing us to keep non working ones but as I said I would have preferred even exchange and would gladly let them take previous if they upgraded the new ones like I had
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,940
    @Nanajja apparently NG can’t remove our weapons and gear once we have it. 
    Have heard of mistakes from BM when people have purchased with gold. They are refunded gold and then requested they delete the thing they bought. Otherwise I’m sure they would have done that.
  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 82
    Thx for clarification firekid
  • ThanosOfTitanThanosOfTitan Member Posts: 296
    So the winter harpoon does not create threat on charge but the regular one does ? I never noticed 
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  • PastePaste Member Posts: 779
    So the winter harpoon does not create threat on charge but the regular one does ? I never noticed 
    Define "regular".

    The Harpoon Gun creates threat every attack.
    The bugged "Winter Harpoon Gun*" that people bought creates threat only on charge attacks.
    The real Winter Harpoon Gun which they received afterwards create no threats.
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  • eduardogrooveeduardogroove Member Posts: 20
    That is absolutily unfair cuz now ppl got for free the half silente harpoon to hold the fartos and NG Will lets they keep this weapon for a big advantage for the ones who hit that weapon for free, and i Will na with mine one and only old harpoon
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