Jerry's face is not like in the tv show

First of all, the game's graphics and everything is looking good, i can recognize every character. But man, Jerry is nothing like the actor Cooper Andrews.
My suggestion is to redraw him.
Thanks if you do this, thanks even if you only read this and say you wont do it.


  • MuirnaMuirna Member Posts: 29
    I agree. It bothers me when I look at him, particularly the smile.
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 456
    It's like some evil wrong caricature on a bubble gum card. Fix the LT and redo the art please. 
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,436
    it feels like destiny that I’ve returned even if it was just to comment on this thread. 😂 

    ahhhhhh. Poor Jerry. We definitely all feel the same. Lol 

    It is worth saying again that @Monsuta had the hardest cartoon Jerry evah, evah 

    and would definitely be an improvement 

  • JLCJLC Member Posts: 16
    They need to redo Shane as well. Most of the characters look good, but Jerry and Shane look super rushed and low-effort.
  • MuirnaMuirna Member Posts: 29
    Isn't Jerry the only one smiling of anyone? It just makes no sense.
  • WhereisHeathWhereisHeath Member Posts: 58
    What about this Jerry

  • magyarmarkmagyarmark Member Posts: 4
    That looks great, a fan made it or it was in the game before?
  • WhereisHeathWhereisHeath Member Posts: 58
    That looks great, a fan made it or it was in the game before?
    Fan made by me
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