idea on 'new way to trade large amount of items'


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    @Fluxxx and every great fan of the game.

     Hi! i came up with this idea about trade goods shop and like to share it with everyone.

    1. this event i call it ‘trade goods shop – weekly special’.

    2. every week, the event will give you a list of items (left box) that you can trade with a list of items (right box).

    3. when an item in left box is selected, a new list of items appear in right box that can only be traded with that item.

    4. if another item in left box is selected, you get another different list of items in right box. So, the left box control what items will appear and can be traded in right box.

    5. once you successfully traded e.g. ‘trade goods - 10000’, you cant trade that anymore for that whole week. it will appears grey.

    6. you can trade all the items in left box each only once per week. this means if that week you have 10 items, you can trade 10 times, provided you have sufficient quantity.

    7. each transaction however will cost a transaction fee of 10 gold. So that week if all 10 items are traded, you use up 100 gold.

    8. to avoid accidental pressing, a confirm box will appear after press continue.

    all the values in the photo are subject to changes including the fee. e.g. ‘trade goods – 1000000’ can also appear depend on NG. They can also change from weekly to monthly.

    what do you guys think? sorry for my english. photo done by my friend.

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