Level 75 active player looking for guild

I'm able to hit around 2000 score for the challenge
I'm normally clearing walkers of around difficulty 40 in the GW

Looking for active guild who is able to hit at least 27000 score in challenge and playing in GW


  • tustus Member Posts: 230
    PM sent.
  • red111red111 Member Posts: 858
    Hi @sun123!  I just sent you a pm on behalf of the DoomSquad Family. 
  • KMHKMH Member Posts: 56
               Check your mailbox @sun123!
         🔥😈🔥 Come Rot With Us 🔥😈🔥
  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 995
    Pm sent
  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 60
    Join us
    I may be a bit late though
    Leader of Killmongers_Utd
  • BlackpainterBlackpainter Member Posts: 361
    Melde Dich bitte bei Line-ID: glacess 1979.  Das Haus Stark ist immer in den Top 50.
  • BlackpainterBlackpainter Member Posts: 361
    Gilden Name : Das Haus Stark
  • Johnny_BJohnny_B Content Creator Posts: 159
    GreensareSuper hit around 30,000 pw and we have a few spaces open. Heavy  drinking is not a requirement but it helps ; )
  • sun123sun123 Member Posts: 8
    Hey all, thanks for the invite. I'm visiting a guild. If i'm changing, will discuss with you again. Thanks once again
  • NativedrumsNativedrums Member Posts: 98
    We Go On is looking for upper lvl players to replace those who no longer fit into our relaxed but competitive team.
  • wonderwomanwonderwoman Member Posts: 340
    WonderWomanInc is a tight-knit group of people who likes to have fun and compete. Previously a TOP 50, we are in the process of rebuilding. Communication is part of our success. We are looking for players who can score 1200+ stars in the weekly challenge and share our view that Guild Wars is a duty. 
    Don’t let the name fool you, we are badass!
    Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? Let’s go and find out, NOW!

    Check our website http://www.wonderwomaninc-twd-nml.weebly.com/ 

    Our latest challenge
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