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Sorry for my German, I use the google translator ;)
An info button on all missions would be extremely helpful and cool. The button should be at the point before the start of the mission, where you select the team and see the opponents on the right. An “I-Button” similar to, for example, the equipment, where an additional window to the equipment opens. You then get a complete overview of the map to be played, where you can scroll, just like in the mission itself when you started it. Realizing this would certainly not be a dramatic effort, since you can scroll through the maps once you have started them. It would be helpful in all missions: challenge, distance and especially in guild war.@Fluxxx @zbot ?


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    Hey @Loewe1968 :) thanks for your suggestion!
    I totally agree that this would be a great addition, however it's not something that we'll be implementing for technical reasons. The maps are not pre-loaded in your game, which is why there's a loading screen before you enter any map. Plainly speaking, the game doesn't know what map it is before you have loaded it, which is why any kind of preview is very tricky to implement.

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    @Fluxxx, thank you for addressing this one and for sharing the constraints with us.
    I'm certain there's more to it but here's an idea, assuming each map has a unique key (I doubt most of the maps are completely random).
    Running a query to preview the map can work the same way as loading the map, you just provide the data for preview and need to retain the unique ID for later on when you start the mission (this can even handle the random element, since you already decide which map you get when you try to preview it).
    This can work great on the predictable maps (e.g. GW, challenge etc.), and you can just block it as unavailable on scavenge missions where it's really an overkill.

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    @akanail that's a creative solution ;) Unfortunately it would also be quite an expensive one, as we'd end up running millions of queries every single week. 
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