Seeking guild visits -- active lv 74 player -- stats 2k+ ☆, high 500's/600's in GWs

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Hi all, 

I'm not looking at a permanent placement at this stage but definitely interested in assisting with GW, as well as challenges during my time. Have had too much drama w/ previous guilds, so keeping it causal atm. 

Lv 74

Min 2k stars per week
This GW season - 500's / 600's VPs per battle
Held leadership roles in previous guilds

*when I sign up, I put up 

Have Discord - just let me know the guild's GW strategy & I will work with the team 

As a person - friendly, team player,  communicates, strategic, & zero drama

**looking for the same in guilds

All about the guild family values and doing what I can to promote growth/development.

If I seem like a good fit, please send me a PM & I can provide my Discord username, then we can go from there.

**recently setup Line for those guilds not using Discord 



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    Sent pm! 🙂
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    Pm sent 
  • Avez_23Avez_23 Member Posts: 677
    Hi Nordak,

    PM sent.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • brandong7539brandong7539 Member Posts: 18
    PM sent
  • NordakNordak Member Posts: 41
    Hey thanks everyone for the great responses!

    Just now having the chance to read through all my messages (notifications go straight to spam 🤦‍♂️)

    Currently visiting w/ a great guild & plan to finish out the war season but will consider all opportunities. 

    From the hits I have received so far, it seems like all promising opportunities for me to meet some more great folks & continue to grow as a player. 
  • NordakNordak Member Posts: 41
    Will definitely try & check out everyone that has responded (as well future shout outs 😉)

    Mutually beneficial is my hope -- I continue to grow/learn while contributing to the guilds I visit & if I can assist further then even better.

    Have downloaded & setup Line to support those guilds not using Discord 👍
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    We are TWD 😎

    Click here to join:
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    Join us:
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    DTP would love to have you! Drop me a message on line if you’d like to visit!

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  • NordakNordak Member Posts: 41
    This GW season have hit in the high 500's / 600's, depending on the lines we hit during battles.

    Completing lvs 40-43 at this stage.

    Hitting over 2k☆'s in challenges

    Work w/in the guild's GW strategy  -- communicate throughout battles...If the team needs me to do PvZ, PvP or both or specific sections....that's me 😁

    Have Discord & Line for external chat

    ** currently have arrangements for 1 guild during the 2wk non-GW period, then another guild during the next GW season **

    Available after this period if anyone's willing to open their doors to a temporary stranger 😂

    * can provide screenshots to verify, if required 👍

  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 58
    Great player and a great person.
    Killmongers_Utd have been honoured to have this guy join us..
    Nordak would be an asset to any guild..
    Leader of Killmongers_Utd
  • TCCTCC Member Posts: 439
    PM sent
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