KillerMachines looking for hardcore players

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KillerMachines Looking for players to join a new guild spawned off of a every week top US 50 guild.  Old guild decided to go casual and we want to keep the push happening.  SBZ are great people and wish them the best.

3 players branching out on their own, 7k stars between us weekly. Search KillerMachines to join


  • teach101teach101 Member Posts: 9
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    KillerMachines still looking for some serious players to check us out.  Come for a visit. Three 2K+  killers looking for you to help make some noise and start something special
  • teach101teach101 Member Posts: 9
    KillerMachines are open and ready for arrival. We’ll help you grow. Looking for eager L50 plus to add some excitement to a new guild. Tips and guidance will help us all win. No pressure.  3 leaders already at 6500 for challenge
  • teach101teach101 Member Posts: 9
    KilllerMachines, is looking for you!  L50+ Recommended.  3 of us have a combined score of 7600+
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    Hi, I may be interested. Do you have Discord to chat further?
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    Hi Nordak, we have line. Check us out at killerMachines social. Come as a guest. We are end gamers. Looking to start something. We are 2k plus players looking to help others.
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    KillerMachines,  we are end gamers still trying to start something new. Guild of 3 right  now and we’ll push 8k this challenge. Come join us.
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    KillerMachines, the triplets will be visiting another guild next challenge, 1/27, to help them kill it and dominate Global top 50, but we’ll be back and hopefully have some eager members to join. Again, end gamers trying to start something. L50+ come have a look.

    We are Independent and want to build a family! We are not going to try and steal, purge or infiltrate other guilds for members. We just want members wanting to kill it like us!
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