Player leaving a guild

We had a level 75 player join the team on Tuesday and they left suddenly today, halfway through a weekly challenge, without explanation.  They had accumulated nearly 1700 stars so this affected our stars total.

I'm not going to name the player but as a general message to players, if you want to leave, please have the courtesy to let your team know why and wait until the challenge is over.  We were friendly, made them welcome and chatted with them about the challenge so so we don't understand what the problem was. 


  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,431
    Yeah, it sucks to lose a guildie and not know why. Did your guild have a lot of players not contributing stars? I've seen many posts about players leaving guilds because they felt too many others were "slacking." But, don't read too much into it. They were there only 5 days. It is possible they got tired of the grind and decided to quit. No matter why, I do think it is common courtesy to say something before quitting the guild.

    As for the loss of stars, don't worry about that. The stars they earned before they left are still in your weekly guild total. I just sucks to lose a high star earner and having to go back and recruit. The recruiting grind is almost as bad as the XP grind for guild leaders.

    Good luck finding a good replacement.
  • TribbyTribby Member Posts: 46
    Thanks Governator. Members are doing well, there’s a few days to go and everyone tends to make a final push over the weekend. Hopefully we’ll get a good player soon.
  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 1,406
    Governator said:
    The recruiting grind is almost as bad as the XP grind for guild leaders.
    Amen to that! 

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    There are some people who join a guild, especially ones with lots of high start players to get the weeks guilds rewards and then quit before the game is up because they think it is an easy way to get rewards others earn.  They are basic scum and don't really care about what affect it has on the rest of the guild and they never intended on doing anything other than getting the free guild rewards and moving on.  Consider it a lesson learned that not everyone cares about the guild they join.
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