Winter harpoon again for sale

@FluxxxCan we have Winter Harpoon being sold again in the game?


  • MinKhanMinKhan Member Posts: 8
    Lucky festive shotgun and tatical bayonet too please, I'm waiting 🥺
  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 269
    Waiting for it too and hope it will be the last must have weapon from the shop for some time.

    Still a lot to level and many xp needed.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,178
    It's not a "must have" but it's nice

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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    I’m sure they will run it again. I know so many missed out because it was not functioning as intended. Would be cool to see in bundle with scythe 
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 779
    I need a 5th winter harpoon. Please run the campaign again.
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  • FreeToPlayFreeToPlay Member Posts: 36
    edited January 20
    It may not be a "must have" ... but Sasha leader + Alpha + Shane with that weapon ... it changes the way of playing a lot, I think it is a variable to take into account, moreover, I think it is a weapon that can make hunters more competitive.

    EDIT: and keep in mind if the silenced lucky harpoon goes on sale
  • MinKhanMinKhan Member Posts: 8
    can we have a bundle just only lucky festive shotgun pls 🥺 @Fluxxx
    I saw the bundle with it today but I already have 3 others gun
  • 3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 259
    an "exclusive weapon" for the winter period, and now they sell it again.. wp
  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 269
    3vilrine said:
    an "exclusive weapon" for the winter period, and now they sell it again.. wp

    Winter period in Oz is later this year  ;)
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