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    Too many trade goods is more of an endgamer problem, which is why I suggested that they should pair this reform with high level  endstage challenge reform

    One thing I think that the trade shop would really benefit from is a gold slot
    You spend x amount of trade goods and you get 100 gold
    Make it available at every restock or at least once a day
    This will go a long way toward helping free to play and Casual Spenders... And most of the whales wouldn't mind it either

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    @ATLAS-Z I’ve learned in the years of me making people mad at me on here that if you keep pushing you eventually get an answer or a timeout 🤣. But I haven’t done anything wrong here.

    tbh anyone who spends or buys the 2x bundle has a bunch of TGs. 

    Years ago 4 tokens was beneficial, but even F2P have 7*+ Heros. I mean that’s 2k tokens for an upgrade. Therefore 4 tokens means nothing. With radios, tokens, or anything else you can scale it up at a much higher rate. 
    Right now a radio is worth 600tg. Even if you scaled that to each radio 1500 TG it’s still beneficial. 

    Even high end items like decimator with lucky for 500k is beneficial. F2P can achieve 500k TG, and I don’t think it drains the $$$. 

    At this point honestly either give us something to spend them on or remove them from bundle shop because they are mostly useless! 
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    Trade goods are just the baby's breath around the bouquet of gold and radios

    Thrown into make the arrangement look more full

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    @ATLAS-Z if you remember when I get last time and was in forum trouble it was regarding how they changed bundles and decreases gold and radios but increased TGs. Also they decreased guild rewards as well. Was a kinda a huge fail given the 2x bundle now.

    Still tho I would def love an expensive way over priced TG Items. Or just delete them from game 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    Will they hear our battle cries?

  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 367
    Apparently I’m in the minority, but once I have all the gear and buildings upgraded that I need, I find TG to be the only useful commodity. Buy all the tokens, gas, radios, reroll, and upgrade available and that takes care of your excess TG. The class tokens may only have value in building nightmare distance bench strength, but the tokens become another form of grinding that may eventually get you something slightly more useful. Better than more xp to upgrade a 9th hunter weapon. 
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    I typically only buy the survivor tokens I want (i.e. bruiser mostly) & skip the rest.  I get all the hero ones even if I don't use them, gas & radios.  I am sitting around 650k TG & climbing.  An idea for BM that would have me buying all the regular survivor tokens is if we could use them to trade in for hero tokens.  Maybe a 3:1 or even 5:1 ratio...500 scout tokens for 100 SR or DBDaryl.  Useful for early gamers but they would have to use outpost more.  End gamers would be able to use up their TG and help cut down the time it takes to collect 2000+ hero tokens to upgrade.

    Maybe... @Fluxxx
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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Fluxxx at least tell us #7 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    Don’t let this die @Fluxxx
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,869
    Put the survivor costumes in there too, there's a couple I don't have yet. Feels good to dress them normal survivors up while they sit on the bench and look pretty. 

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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    ^ I mean the possibilities are end less, I look even during comp events the 2* is complete useless for a lot of players so why spend there? 

    @Fluxxx has seen this post by now 
  • zombieornottobezombieornottobe Member Posts: 114
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    Tg' s for black market tokens? Seems like a good way to grant f2p more access to the black market, make trade goods relevant again hence making outposts worth playing. 

  • BustaBusta Member Posts: 59
    Completely agree with most of these 
    1.) 4 hero tokens is a absolute joke for all. Especially for new comers. Let’s bump this to 25 or even 50. 

    2.) all for it 

    3.) this should happen for sure. Even if it’s just big phone bundles .... 100+ again will benefit all players new and experienced. 
    4.) for more gas... in the end it’s a trade off that so no gain or loss really. 
    5,6,7..... meh not a benefit really but not bad ideas either including 7 😏 

    NG can make these happen without it effecting their bottom line 
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 640
    What about spending TG to unlock skins for heroes and generic survivors? 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Fluxxx a response would be swell even if #7

  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,869
    @Fluxxx can say, "hmmm some interesting ideas here. We have made notes and will discuss."

    Or something like that

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    ...and 3 months later Drunken can buy turd emojis for 6M TG
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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Paste I’m not allowed to use turd emojis. It’s against the rules of forums other wise I would buy them 🤣
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,848
    Come on @Fluxxx. It's time to pimp out the TG shop, you know you want to...

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  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 1,096
    @Fluxxx thanks for responding although you could still implement #7 😁
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @Fluxxx thank you!!! 

    Even tho we got a nicer version of #7 it’s still a response hehe. 
    I think the majority feel there is some much simpler options that could burn up TGs. Even if it’s boost to hero and non hero tokens. 
    Lower level players can also grind away at outpost missions. Reality is they are simple and if they put pizza boy in lead you still get some supplies. 
    It’s like a wasted resource to pad bundles. And honestly I don’t think anyone is just dying to buy TGs 🤣

  • Sarge_Sarge_ Member Posts: 16
    This seems like an ez fix.  The coding already allows them to offer specific deals on regular intervals (Tuesday = 3 weapons/armor for 11K, Friday = Upgrade and Reroll tokens).  They just need to expand these specific offerings so that each day has a regular item we can spend TG's on (i.e. every Monday = TGs for Gold)
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  • Starman100Starman100 Member Posts: 10
    Speaking of the trade good shops, I honestly feel they should get rid of the free Silver Crate that sometimes pops up and restrict it to gold/radios or Gold Crate. I understand it's a free prize so we shouldn't really expect much out of it, but getting an uncommon weapon/armor feels quite underwhelming especially when you get those in common crates most of the time.
  • ScottyJScottyJ Member Posts: 37
    I like what Atlas suggested.  Have a trade goods for gold trade option. Just add that in.   I'm just reaching level 75 and there's tons of things worth spending my goods on right now,  but the end gamers need a way to get rid of them.   Adding an option for say 100 gold, 100 gas or maybe a 25 pack of radios would start using some of them up.
  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 245
    TCBRITO said:

    @Fluxxx , So why is the main prize of the challenge TG? Wouldn't it be better to give other rewards to make the challenge more attractive? Nobody can take TG so much anymore, I think if there are better rewards, the challenge would become attractive again. Do you have a chance to change that?

    On top of that: Why always the same hero token? Isn´t it possible to make them rotate a bit?
  • Sg_DeathSg_Death Member Posts: 81
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    No no no i want my Rosita tokens 😜
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  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 640
    Fluxxx said:
    Sorry for the wait, we took some time because we wanted to discuss this first before responding and we only had that time now 😅
    TGs are a tricky area, many long-time players have plenty, but it's not as abundant among new to intermediate players. We've discussed some options for how we might address this in future updates, however to be completely honest with you, it is currently lower on our priority list compared to many other things that we're working or planning to work on. There is a chance we might add some simple options in the short term, but it's just not our focus for now.
    There is a very clear jump in TG accrued from Challenge level rewards which can realistically be spent on realistically desirable stuff in the 1800-2200 challenge star range. That's the approximate range where a player goes from not having enough to buy everything they want to having more than enough to buy everything they want. 2400-2600 is where I hear players accrue more TG than they can spend buy purchasing everything every week. And most players over 1k challenge stars who simply don't care much (or at all) about TG shop can stockpile absurd amounts because they don't even bother opening the thing most of the time (or  at all).

    I know you can't wreck the ingame economy because some players have hoarded TG ridiculously. But can you at least offer more of what you already do and at an increased trade in rate? I can be more specific with suggestions if it would help. 
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    @ghost_pepper they already know what they could increase that’s already there. Hell they can make it a high cost rate. 25 radios for 50k TG and I would still spend it on top of 5 for 3k 

    even extremely high is okay. Just something to burn  
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