Are zombies max levelled????

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All is in the title.... If I ask this question it s just because when I see personal score of some players, I just can't believe case of that was right... It mean that guild ranking does not mean anything anymore... Hope the next game team will find a way to make a system with TRUE competition. What do you think about it?????

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    yeah zombies are maxed at 20, don't talk about it too much or they'll raise it to 21

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    For me they have to raise it to 30 ... What are you thinking of it @Alibaba ???
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    Not sure what Zombies you are talking about. Zombies in outposts are capped at 20. For Zombies in missions, including challenges, I do not believe there is a cap. I usually bail out when they hit lvl 21 zombies, but have pushed it up to 23. In the past people posted screen shots of higher levels.

    Not sure if there is a cap on the initial level of zombies in the challenge, which could affect things. Because if the initial is capped at 20, with good equipment and survivors it can be relatively easy. Right now the max weapon and equipment is 20 if the workshop is max level and you fully leveled up 17 equipment. I have one legendary item fully upgraded to lvl 18. If I had three legendary weapons at 20, I think I could run those over and over. Right now running ones with initial lvl of 19, getting a tad dicey. Also people are probably purchasing gas with gold to be able to run the missions more often. Think that also has to be in play to get many stars, even if you get gas as reward now and again.

    But basically, do not sweat the challenge rankings. Of course it depends on people, but I am pretty happy in my guild getting our TG awards and having a good week.
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    I agree with you... But when I saw some guys with 370 stars on 1 challenge.. I just fell wtf...
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    Usually I stop at 180 because it usually does not affect a guild award and 240 seems so far away :) I usually get there in two days while still doing other aspects of the game. Because our guild was moving to another reward, I pushed it to 208, with a couple of times of getting my rear kicked on it when using all shooters on a quest to get bonus stars. I received a total of 15 bonus stars this challenge so far.

    Could try pushing it more, but do not see getting to 240 and I am thinking I am not going to get three stars a run for that much longer. (My regular team is a 17 Level Epic Assault, 17 Legendary Hunter and 17 Legendary Shooter. The assault has decent weapon, the other two are okay weapons.)

    I could see 370 with the right combination of survivors, weapons and armor and focusing heavily on the Challenge, but it is difficult. With the maps with burning walkers and tanks, or armored walkers, a high level scout could help if charged often. But right now I am not able to take the big guys out anymore on one round and using interrupt on shooters.

    And of course paying for things changes the equation more. Some people purchase bundles etc.
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    I have seen as high as level 24 but the max start level caps at level 20 recommended survivor which results in level 19/20s to start on the challenge map. This is for the current forest challenge.
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    Looks like it caps at 22 for recommended? (I have not hit that level on this challenge, so do not know if it is different or not.)

    So starting off with 20/21? Doable with all lvl 17s and good weapons.
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    I can confirm, right now i have 45 stars on train wreck and it's still rec 20.
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    zoson said:

    I can confirm, right now i have 45 stars on train wreck and it's still rec 20.

    Well so much for that chart :) Thanks for the information. Good to know. I have three lvl 17s, but the weapons are just a tad short I think.
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    Found someone made 497 stars on the previous challenge... Wtf!!!
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