The reality of the game vs. the actual show (Re-balance proposal)

Please consider this:

Instead of new heroes, let's re-balance the existing ones a little better to more closely resemble the current cast of the show. For example:

The best heroes are, and have long since been dead or written out of the show years ago! (Sasha, Slick Rick, RGG, Pizza Glenn, Shane, Abraham, Bruiser Morgan, Jesus, Michonne, Beta, Alpha, Hilltop Maggie (recently returned), and Tara.

Of the current cast on the show, most if not all heroes are useless: (Ezekiel, Carol, Rosita, Gabe, Negan, Shooter Daryl, Aaron, and Jerry.) The only current cast members on the show that are useful on the game are Eugene, and HD Daryl.

I know there has been an effort to rebalance or buff some of the useless heroes in the past but now that the show is ending, lets be able to play along with the last season(s) of the show while we still have it. Rework the traits of the second group of heroes so that we can actually use them. Don't roll out a useless hero such as Princess or Yumiko or someone like that. Give Negan a badass leader trait so we can use him in the game along with the other ones mentioned as well.

Thanks for listening.


  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 152
    Carol is the biggest badass in the show but bad ingame, pls buff her and nwgan, hunter daryl. Would be great!
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 874
    edited February 10
    ladre5 said:
    Carol is the biggest badass in the show but bad ingame, pls buff her and nwgan, hunter daryl. Would be great!
    Carol is such a badass I wouldn't mind an alt version of her for every class, and I hated the idea of alts when they first came out  :D
  • SparrowMervSparrowMerv Member Posts: 73
    I don't know about that, it would be hell for high-end players that spended thousands of tokens on heroes just to re-roll them again.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 874
    I do like Princess though, and her LT looks nice. I think she's a fine addition to the game. I do agree with the overall sentiment about buffing previous heroes.

    Perhaps we can get Jerry, Ezekiel, and Negan buffs in the next update along with being able to replay the season missions from the Savior War?
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 302
    This was before the update preview today as well. Right on cue, roll out a new Hero!
    ShadowWalker[Deleted User]
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 376
    We’ll spend more $ trying to unlock & upgrade a new hero than one we already accidentally have at 2+ pink stars.
  • JLCJLC Member Posts: 33
    edited February 12
    Totally agree.

    Please please please make Negan the best bruiser in the game. He works great in my outpost but I would really love to use him on playable missions as leader. Tell me this is being worked on, NG. 

    Edit: I've heard @Fluxxx say in an interview that he thinks Negan should be the best bruiser, so it's definitely on NG's radar and maybe NG already has an idea for a new LT? Whatever it is, I would make 2 suggestions: Please have it be something that is useful in most missions, and not just situational. And also please don't make additional damage the main feature (or a feature at all) because that's not useful for a bruiser. 

    My idea is less chance of bodyshots, and a chance to gain a charge point if hit is a bodyshot, so it's kind of a combo of Alpha and Sasha. Also have his charge attacks stun the unstunnable (tanks, goos and spikes). LT would apply to all teammates. That would make him excellent in GW.

  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 302
    Please make Negan great again!!! 
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 572
    Negan should of had T-Dogs LT. 
    It’s more suited to him and his Lucille role within the game. 
    I have kept him upgraded and adequately badged and triple pink for the very hope his LT gets redone. 
    I would love to use Negan in the game. I occasionally throw him in for fun until I need that sweet Eugene defence. 
  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 986
    With a big buff to hunter Daryl's LT, he could be useful on maps where you need to put things on fire without causing threat. That would still be a very very niche role, useful in one mission in every fourth or so challenge. 

    No LT's have anything to do with tools, so maybe something with that? One less turn of cooldown, or to keep it in line with his LT, make it so that grenades (and other threat causing tools) have an x % chance of not causing threat? Or does it already work like this? Haven't tested. 
    Ingame username: Jubjab
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