Changes that could improve the Game (Medium player's perspective)

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Hello, this is my first time writing on this forum.  I'm Brazilian, so forgive me if I have bad English.
 Well, this GW season has just ended, and after a while looking at the needs of some people in the game, I would like to write down some ideas that I had that could make the game better:
 -Add a calendar with all the events of the update.  Many players end up wasting a lot of time and resources waiting for an event to happen, without even knowing when it happens (I, for example, am waiting for the Free Removal Event, and I don't know when it happens. So I would find it interesting to add or make public one  calendar of all events that you plan to do and when they will happen. In that calendar you can have radio calls, promotional events for holidays, etc. This calendar can be made from the beginning of an update to launch another one.
 -Improved the Guild search system.  In the guild search system, we deal with many ghost guilds early in the game, which can be very bad for new players.  So it would be great to have a better system to search for stronger guilds (search by Relevance, Creation Date, number of members, etc.)
 -Improve the difficulty level of Guild Wars.  As much as the new update has improved regarding the visualization of the maps, there are still many players with an immense difficulty in some maps (mainly players who have not yet reached high levels).  One of the main problems with these maps is the Walkers Spawns.  While some maps have the threat counter (which I think is very good), there are other maps that, due to the different Spawns scattered on the map, are able to add many walkers at once.  Therefore, I ask you to improve the difficulty levels of these maps, as there are several players who cannot pass them.
 - Decrease the price of the Black market.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win special items through the Black market, but I must say that the price of such items does not help.  Many new players do not have the ability to make trades that are as absurd as those in the black market, so they are not able to buy enough chips to get the weapon they wanted so much.  So I ask you to lower the price of your items, for the benefit of weaker players.
 -Change the badge re-roll system.  Although the new update has greatly improved the system, there is still a big problem with re-rolls.  The number of possibilities for emblem bonuses is very extensive, which makes it not worthwhile to re-roll such features.  What I would recommend to improve such a system would be to make the same system of the talents: To show two options of changes, besides the option to remain with the original.
 - Increase the number of reinforcement and exchange tokens that we can acquire.  Another thing I see that many are complaining about is the re-roll cost, which is too high for the chance to not work.  However, I would say that instead of decreasing the cost of such re-rolls, it could increase the number of exchange tokens that we can acquire in missions.  This could also apply to Reinforcement tokens, as the price for equipment updates remains very high.
 -Improve the leadership traits of the characters.  As you may realize, there are many heroes who are not used much (or are not used), such as Jerry and Ezekiel.  I think it would be nice to update these heroes that are not used much for people to play more with them.
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    Your English is far better than most of the native English speakers here, so no worries there. 
    I love the calendar idea. I know the schedule can be fluid, but it would really help for planning purposes.
    At least displaying Stars Last Challenge would help on guild search to get a sense for how active they are.
    Lately we only hear how easy GW is for the elite guilds on here. Even scaled to your level, I can see how 4-star heroes with bad equipment may struggle with constant spawning. More KAW and progressive spawns at the 1 and 2 sectors, perhaps?
    NG is still figuring out BM. Instead of asking what is reasonable to charge, they started high to figure out what we will pay. Resist the temptation and we may see prices lowered.
    Developing players are better off focusing on crafting using Jay-Z’s guide than rerolling, which is a waste of tokens. Save rerolls for your core heroes.
    Amen on trait improvements, but bad heroes make it easier to focus on upgrading the others, since you can’t reasonably improve everyone at the same time.
    Thanks for the thoughtful and reasonable suggestions! Hope you keep enjoying the game.
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    Great job, your English is great!  Thanks for great suggestions and positive post!  Too many times it’s just someone complaining without giving solutions.
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    Love the in game calendar idea. And list all the upcoming events in it too like 5 second upgrade etc.

    Guilds where fewer than 1/3 the players have logged in over the last week should be filtered out a certain way. "Casual/slow" etc  Guilds with at least 2/3 the players logging in over the last week can be called "casual/active". Guilds where all current members login daily can be "extremely active". Something close to this would help immensely so that players can appropriately sort themselves through activity level with what is available to them. Activity is the big issue and should be the game filtering point. Let the guilds themselves promote certain start requirements or gw preferences etc.

    Black Market needs an overhaul. There are some really bad deals in there that shouldn't exist for nearly anyone, like the upgrading of silver to brown or brown to green components. Players need them to move through the map and then don't have them when someone explains the system to them. So dumb. If you are the 1 in 10,000th player who hoarded grey components for years, then suffer your first world problems. Aside from that, there are some other deals that need to be rebalanced. And then deals that players do want which don't appear often enough (trading blue components up to gold, buying that 1 special item for 1k gold etc)

    Rerolls need to eliminate the hero bonus. And then offer the pick from 2 choices (like trait reroll) with a substitution removal of previous 10 choices (like currently instituted). Fixed.

    More reroll and upgrade tokens in missions. Yes!
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    hi...i also think guild search system needs to be improved. new players wanting to join a guild will be dismayed to see so many ghost guilds. i don't think it will affect new players badly but will give them a bad and 'empty' impression of the game early on. please, if possible, provide more filters / parameters as highlighted by NatsuDark.

    one parameter that is very useful is 'minimum current challenge stars'. let the players decide the minimum. thx.
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