Hello All,
I've been active in the game since it launched, and got into a guild probably a year later, when the walker pit thing came out. Been in same guild since, got some good people in there, but have been just frustrated for about a year. Maybe all guilds are like this, but I'm tired of the following.

New people showing up like a revolving door, sit by for a couple weeks, and contribute zero to weekly challenges, while collecting rewards.
New people that either don't play the guild wars or play 2 to 5 battles and let the rest of their battles go to waste, meaning a loss for the group.
No communication or forethought in their guild war playing, don't finish sectors, etc.

I'm a council level 27, most of my players are 28 level, I usually get 1200-1500 stars a week, finish the distance on hard easily, can't quite finish on the new nightmare mode though. I play at least a few minutes every day, sometimes a bit longer on a day off. I contribute. The only time I don't contribute greatly is a few times a year I go on vacation or motorcycle rides, I still contribute but not huge on those weeks.

What I don't want is, I have a career, and I don't want this game to be a full time job, with expectations and communication on fb and chat boards. I am however an active player, and contribute weekly, so if you have a guild that most of your crew fits this criteria and you don't constantly have an revolving door of new people that are doing what I just mentioned above, I'd be curious to learn more. I do stop by this website once in a while for tips but I don't log into it every day, but I will check this week for messages.



  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 997
    Hey @eaglesnest
    Pm sent
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,271
    PM sent too! Good luck in your search for the right fit! :+1:
  • jedimaster_rayjedimaster_ray Member Posts: 49
    Pm you too 🙂👍🏾
  • TCCTCC Member Posts: 487
    @eaglesnest pm sent on part of damage family
  • txcowboytxcowboy Member Posts: 54
    PM sent come check out the Green Family.
  • mexicanlassmexicanlass Member Posts: 5
    Zombie land is looking for players level 65+ at the moment, we are friendly active guild, we lost few player for the last upgrade, 500+ stars weekly, no dramas, GW
  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 872
    You found us.
    We are TWD 😎

    Please check your PM.
    Leader of original TWD guild (est. 2015).
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  • brandong7539brandong7539 Member Posts: 22
    @eaglesnest : sent you a pm
  • BuddyBuddy Member Posts: 61
    Damaged Goods sent you a pm. Check us out.
  • eaglesnesteaglesnest Member Posts: 7
    Hey All, just a quick update, I did get a number of PM's and I thank you guys for the outreach. I have had some correspondence with one, and we were kinda waiting for the end of this weeks guild war to move forward out of respect for each other's guilds. I'm gonna check it out. Appreciate the invitations here and the info, if it's not what I was looking for I'll be reviewing the PM's you guys sent and reaching out to ya. Thanks again!
  • wonderwomanwonderwoman Member Posts: 350
    WonderWomanInc is a tight-knit group of people who likes to have fun and compete. Previously a TOP 50, we are in the process of rebuilding. Communication is part of our success. We are looking for players who can score 1200+ stars in the weekly challenge and share our view that Guild Wars is a duty. 
    Don’t let the name fool you, we are badass!
    Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? Let’s go and find out, NOW!

    Check our website 

    Our latest challenge
  • elithebarberelithebarber Member Posts: 2
    If you are still looking for a guild give us a try, Hutch321, we are a laid back guild looking to build on it, all communication is done in game, we hold guild wars players accountable( sign up and don’t play your out ). We have a 200 minimum for the weekly challenge, easily attainable. If your interested we would be happy to have you.
  • Avez_23Avez_23 Member Posts: 722
    Wrong thread.
  • txcowboytxcowboy Member Posts: 54
    PM sent on behalf of The Green Family
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