Giving a gift of 400 gold

Can I choose which individual member of my guild I gift gold to? Or does everyone get it, anyone gifted 400 gold yet.
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    No. You give a gift to every member in your guild. That gift costs you 400 gold. The surprise gifts to your guild mates include supplies, rare weapons, xp, gas or small amounts of gold. The game decides what they get. Not you.
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    It goes to your entire Guild, can be XP, Maters, Gas, Gold, and sometimes Leg Equipment. I think it is the Same as a gold crate
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    No they don't get gold and no you can't choose one individual. Everyone in your guild (except you I believe) gets one chest with a gold ticket item inside if you use 400 pieces of your own personal gold to purchase this event for them.
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    @jester, @DangerB, @DarkFae thanks for the quick response fellow survivors. Bit lame I can't specify who I gift it too
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