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So, the general sentiment in this forum (including JayZ's great guide) seems to be that scouts are absolutely awesome and shooters are quite bad. I fail to wrap my head around this, though. I mean, I'm still kinda low level (the survivors and heroes I'm using are level 14), but from my experience so far, shooters are really nice and scouts are a dead weight at best... most of the time.
They can move the same distance. They do the same damage (at least it looks that way to me). Shooters have the better charge attack (one stronger attack and then a regular attack... scouts just get one stronger attack and that's it). Shooters can do all that from range. Scouts need to get up close; which is a death sentence in like 90% of all situations. Walkers are almost always accompanied by at least two more walkers standing next/close to them; often more. In fact, it's frequently the case that you have at least 3-4 walkers that could attack any scout that just killed one of them. And then I see people talk about three scout teams... glasscannons nonetheless. Yeah, no. Sure, onehit three walkers, and then get killed off by the remaining 5 standing right next to them before you can even make another move. Or try to lure them one by one and kill them slowly with overwatch attacks... and then get torn apart by the walkers spawning behind you because it took you forever to even just clear half of the ones already there.
So... in my experience, scouts are nearly worthless in most situations, and shooters do the job much much better and from range. Yet... scouts are praised and shooters are bashed on a regular basis here. What am I missing?


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    These are all very valid questions for beginners, we've all been there at some point.
    Not sure where to begin with my answer though.

    First, all changed after last update - Shooters' movement, base damage, and critical attack damage were leveled up to Scout's. Before that, shooters were almost useless on high levels due to low critical/base damage, threat, limited movement.
    To make scouts lethal, you have to have one of special weapons: tactical spear/pitchfork (most useful) or Musket/daryl's knife/crescent (useful in some situations).
    Keep in mind, what makes sense for lower lvls missions - mostly doesn't work whatsoever when you take on missions of [your level +12+15] and up to current max mission's difficulty of lvl 50 (lvl 54 for MM - Master Missions) in Challenges (+22+26 for lvl 75 players with lvl 28 toons).

    @JayZ guide is an excellent source of info for long-term planning to do well above the average and handle very high lvl difficulty missions. It's not exactly a "beginners" guide.

    Others - please correct me if I missed anything.
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    End game is a very different experience. Surely you must realize that what works at level 14 will not work at level 28.
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    echonap said:
    End game is a very different experience. Surely you must realize that what works at level 14 will not work at level 28.
    Beginner's game is a very different experience. Surely you must realize that what you know on lvl 28, Saturn doesn't know on lvl 14.
    Oh, wait...

    PS: At the end of his post: "What am I missing?" That's how questions work - people ask them when they want to know something that they don't.
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    As mentioned, shooters have been massively bumped to be closer to scouts. Before the last update they had regular movement range, lower damage and less charge potential. Even with the buffs they are still behind. 

    Scouts have higher base damage. Powerstrike helps to boost damage massively, shooters have sureshot which functions similar but doesn't give the same damage boost. Scouts can reduce threat, a generic shooter weapon will create threat, only the bows are silent and only one can reduce threat on a charge kill. The leader traits of the scout heroes are far stronger than that of their shooter counterparts. Those are the main points to set them apart.
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    Rerolls change a lot about how heros work.

    Craftsman level 2 badges change a lot about how heros work.

    Threat vs. No threat.

    Tactical spear (as mentioned above).

    None of those are apparent at level 14. It's a totally different game there.
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    Keep using your shooters for now, they are very useful in the earlier game and many people, myself included, relied upon them heavily when levelling up. Especially before the introduction of the razor trait.
    Take note of the hero scouts and build them up for later on. Once you get further along in the game, you'll make much more use of scouts. Shooters are currently making a bit of a come back with new weapons and traits so they are becoming more useful, but the main problem with them right now is at high levels scouts win on threat reduction and raw damage (250k+ is fairly easy at end game). Watch some of the videos out there and you'll see people who can prowl for multiple 100k damage. Shooters simply cannot compete at that level.
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    I wouldn’t discount shooters even at top levels anymore. The crippling pistol is actually very useful. Niche of course and only suitable in select missions, but is definitely worthwhile. For example on Shine a light in this week’s challenge.
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    Saturn dude you are level 14. Enjoy the game in YOUR way. When you get to the top you’ll see why we do what we do. 
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    No need to panic at your level
    I've been there, and think mostly the same as your thinking

    If you're using scouts or shooter
    Pair with one bruiser and assault so you can use them as a shield for your scout/shooter
    My tips: Save the tokens for the right survivors and do not open to many heroes because it'll be a long time to level them up.
    Happy hunting
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