The History of Guild Wars Season 8



  • ok google how to press LOL and Awesome same time

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    Last time this season update Top Guns and Top Guns Sorted by Guilds and they families sections

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    upload Full top for Season 8 and several local tops in first page
    this tops will not be updated here (if someone send info), only in spreadsheet
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    the one thing that need to be updated it's a Teams Top Results
    working on :)
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    Teams Top Results updated 
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    edited April 5
    I'm currently preparing for the next season and deciding on the list of guilds
    If someone from this list of guilds is interested in your guild to keep a place in the History of Guild Wars Spreadsheet pm me in any messenger (Telegram, Line or Discord) to discus it

    list of guilds for planing departure:

    Валькин дед,
    Breaking Deads
    Mavericks NOC
    Warriors ITA

    and this guild will be added to spreadsheet in 9 season
    Mavericks 8
    New Age

    I also want to remind you that absolutely any guild can have a personal page in the spreadsheet, but under certain conditions:
    - you fight great in the war and I choose to add you
    - you are part of the editors team and independently fill out the page of your guild
    - you send me screenshots after each battle and I enter the data

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    Also... PIN IT!

    Maybe all seasons in a subcategory of guild wars page? 

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    Crocodile said:
    also for next season

    - the bottom line for entering the Top Guns will be 700 points

    - no achievements

    - i'm planning boycott GW Season 9 or play in Bug Power guild if NG don't fix that bug list but my work in spreadsheet and forum will continues

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    You can reserve two seats in the Bug Power Gu
    [Deleted User]
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    You can reserve two seats in the Bug Power Gu
    I'm just hope they fix bugs and we will play as usual but if not, two seats reserved :) 
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    Bug Power will be the new mega guild family.
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    Was season 8 final list posted? I see the google docs version, but wanted a list I could copy from.
  • Gothgul said:
    Was season 8 final list posted? I see the google docs version, but wanted a list I could copy from.
    as last couple seasons, on first page, all information :) 
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    Im just hoping they fix exploits 👀 trash teams and players everywhere using loop holes 
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