Crafting uneven dr/HP badges

Goptus_kfGoptus_kf Member Posts: 42
Is there a way to craft dr/HP Badges with an uneven slot number and a high Chance to get a suitable bonus for bruisers? 


  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 851
    Yes, just look for DRB/Odd positions on the crafting map.
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  • Goptus_kfGoptus_kf Member Posts: 42
    Ok, in the end I was successful. Thank you! 
  • DgotchaDgotcha Member Posts: 10
    Did you use the crafting map or was it just random?
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 549
    The main cycle doesn't have drb odd. You have to jump and/or type fail for those spots. 

    As burmeliinis said, pick odd/even for health/dr and dmg/cd. This helps you have a lot less conflict when badging.

    I recommend pick health/even and dr/odd. Crafting health is more critical and there are more drb even spots with easier access. This means it may be best to select dmg/even and cd/odd. That way you have the option to badge a hybrid hero like jesus with dmg/even and dr/odd. 
  • Goptus_kfGoptus_kf Member Posts: 42
    Dgotcha said:
    Did you use the crafting map or was it just random?
    I used the crafting map. After a long er while I begann to understand it 😊
  • Goptus_kfGoptus_kf Member Posts: 42
    My best result:
    Pos 3 dr badge with bonus on dodge. 

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