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We are a newly formed single guild of dedicated and strategic-minded cool members. If you're a smaller guild and want to merge with another guild to kick ass in the Guild Wars and Challenges please message me her or in PM so that we can discuss terms.


  • vijande666vijande666 Member Posts: 4
    I have a guild with 12 active members. 6 are 75 level. We reached gold 3 in the last guild wars. 12k starts this week.
    How is the merge you propose? In what conditions?
  • Copperhead1Copperhead1 Member Posts: 81
    Vijaande666 I'm sorry it's taken a while to respond. I'll messge you today. I've just been incredibly busy
  • Copperhead1Copperhead1 Member Posts: 81
    So hey guys please feel free to check out other guilds that respond to this post or even leave a comment here to advertise your own guild that is interested in merging with another guild. We may not be the right fit for each other but the more guilds that say their interested in a merge the more options for us all, right? Point is if we can keep this post going it could attract more guilds looking to merge.
  • Copperhead1Copperhead1 Member Posts: 81
    Gw is getting closer people. Let's get some guilds together and get ready to kick some walker ass!
  • Babs63Babs63 Member Posts: 11
    Copperhead, I am the Leader of Jericho, we’ve spoken a few days ago. I have opened the subject of a merger  with my CoLeaders.
    Please send me another private message 
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