Claim a 1-day gas booster now!

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Hey everyone!

We are currently testing a function where you can claim a reward via a code, and we're hoping that you could help us!

In your settings, under "Accounts & Services", click on the button "Redeem Gift Code" → a window will pop up, in which you can enter a code (the fun part).
Type in boost316 to claim a free 1-day gas booster! Do note that the code is case-sensitive, so variations like BoOsT316 or bOoSt316 will not work.

The code expires on Monday at 12PM UTC, so don't forget to redeem the gift before then!

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  • Le_MatLe_Mat Member Posts: 209
    Thanks! Will share with my people 😊
    relb67marroba2000Lady J
  • TCCTCC Member Posts: 551
    Didn't work for me
  • relb67relb67 Member Posts: 122
    edited April 22
     I got mine it worked  thx 
  • TCCTCC Member Posts: 551
    I had to restart the game
  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 2,832

    Will an announcement be made in game news for players not on forums?
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  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 373
     Pin the announcement in your guild! 

    Thanks, NG. I sure hope this means we will be able to purchase gifts for individual guild members. 
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 301
    Worked just fine for me! Thanks!
  • AngelspitAngelspit Member Posts: 50
    I actually see that as a reward for the folks who come to the forums on a regular basis.   :)
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 281
    worked for me too
  • FOEFOE Member Posts: 105
    Worked just fine for me! Thanks!

    LG, Erwin
  • NovellNovell Member Posts: 277
    Nice. Thx. @ Google Pixel 4a (Android 11)
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