Reworking Gabriel’s hero perk idea.

I rarely if ever use Gabriel, only time I use him is when he’s in a daily requirement.  Other then that, he really doesn’t pull his weight for me...probably just me.

Anyway, I have an idea to rework his hero perk that in guild raid missions, he becomes an essential part of the team!

My idea is his hero perk grants the survivor a single moment in avoiding dropping to an injury level when attacked, once per mission and a random chance to regain a % health just on the start of the turn throughout the mission.  Granted the healing factor is low enough to avoid OP but anyway, it would make him much more interesting.


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,310
    How about this:

    Struggle Bus(t) 

    If Gabriel attacks a walker struggling with an ally, there's an X% chance the walker gets knocked back and crippled, and Y% chance that the ally's grave injury recovers from "Heavy injury" (red) to moderate injury (slight green /orange).

    For mission objective in challenge, it would erase the struggle allowing 2 stars instead of 1.

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  • WolfyWolfWolfyWolf Member Posts: 43
    Well...that wouldn’t work for me for I’m an absolute purist and its 3 stars or nothing. 😅
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