Hot Lead Weapon.

Not much creativity in a weapon that sounds awesome. Yet again, another push weapon, like the bruiser shield.  I get it bulldoze = push, but how is the special functionality different than “bulldoze”?  Also, targets collide and enemies collide... seems like the same thing.  How about a weapon that runs around an enemy and can push backwards? 


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    @Elsbeth there are two parts to how this weapon works:

    Part 1:Attacks in a 90 degrees cone.  Attacks that are not Body Shots push targets back 1 space.  If the targets collide with another enemy or an obstacle, they get stunned (as long as they are not stun-resistant).

    Part 2: Enemies that collide with a pushed target also get stunned (as long as they are not stun-resistant).

    1) The word targets refer to the enemies that are in the 90 degrees cone.

    2) In Part 2, Enemies refer to those that collide with the targets from Part 1 that are pushed.

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    Thank you.

  • VovVov Member Posts: 84
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    Two questions for you  @zbot:
    1. Does the Bulldozer have guaranteed push mechanic with the main target like the Morning Star? 
    2. Is it just the animation of the gun or does it actually fire more than 1 shot per attack?
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    @Fluxxx @zbot

    i have a question on the bulldozer shotgun. pls see the pic below:

    if the blue hero triggers the shotgun at 2 red normal walkers at A and B. both got hit and both shots are non-body shots. based on your definition, walker at A will be pushed to B and walker at B will be pushed to C which is empty. in theory, no collision (in your video, C is the edge of the map and thats why both are stunned)

    my question is, if C is empty and can be occupied, will the 2 walkers be stunned if there is apparently no collision? thanks
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    @Arqueue in this scenario neither will get stunned, since indeed there is no collision. Both targets are in the range of the attack, which means both get individually pushed, but since there is nothing to collide with, the stun doesn't take effect :)

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    @Arqueue my assumption would be a No.
    But if C is occupied with a walker too, then all 3 should be stunned, just like MS. But again, that's only my assumption.
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    I don't think the MS guarantees a "3 deep" stun, only 2 is 100%, even if the 3rd is backstopped.
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