Guild War notification on day of play

ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
Could we have an application notification on the day that I'm due to play in Guild Wars, similar to the notifications that I get when the black market has been renewed, or trade goods are refreshed?
Also, within the game make it clearer that I have a game on - maybe have the GW icon in the bottom right "pulse".

This is because I tend to sign up for games on different days, and I forget what day it's on (and I need to keep checking just to make sure I don't let my guild mates down)


  • Shezza10Shezza10 Member Posts: 38
    Agree a push notification would be very helpful but in terms of when you sign into the game as far as I remember you get a ‘Battle Started’ pop-up which advises you that you’re signed up for the day.
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 126
    @ambience You should get a notification 2h after the GW battle you have signed up for has started. If this is not the case, please reach out to our support, and let's see if there is something we need to have a closer look on :smile:

  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    @Lexia I don't get any such notification, so I'll raise an in-game case. Where is this notification shown?
    In any case, wouldn't it be useful to have an indicator to show you have GW battle in progress? Also, for those that don't log in everyday, have a push notification?

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