Marauders join, collect weekly challenge goods, then they bail! Can you consider …

ElsbethElsbeth Member Posts: 116
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Wondering if you could program an if/then statement.  If a new recruit (or others) earn 0 points in weekly challenge then no trade goods are awarded.  People join and leave after collecting spoils but never earn any for the guild.  A programmer update could help stop the revolving door recruits. Thanks for considering. 


  • ScotticusScotticus Member Posts: 41
    Seconded. Or popping in and trying to poach players by advertising their clearly revolving-door guilds in your guides message board before slinking off! Games like this benefit from discouraging behaviour of such scumbaggery and villainy...
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 378
    That feels like the responsibility of the guild leader to make it clear that new recruits not producing in their first 24 challenge hours will get the boot and then enforce it. Unless they take your 20th spot, preventing a producer from joining and effectively ending an advertisement, it’s nothing more than a nuisance and unlikely to merit any programming. 
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