3.16 Hot Lead Update - Official discussion thread



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    @Billbam Does it only happen to you guys in a specific mode or team setups? 
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    I've seen reports outside of NML forum, including 1 hit insta-struggle of Eugene with 34k health from 47 lvl reg walker. Max crit at 80DR must be 27.4k, correct?
    For me, it consistently happened on May 1 and only with Eugene: not only increased dmg but increased frequency of crits too.
    Have you looked into Mullet LT maybe?

    EDIT - mode GW.
    Highest crits for me were:
    May 1 - 26k (lvl 45).
    May 2 - 19.9k (lvl 45), 33k (lvl 49).
    May 2 crits seem to be within the range, but first hit - almost always crit and happening way too often, as if none of Mullet/HS/dodge/luck work.
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  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,152
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    Fluxxx said:
    @Billbam Does it only happen to you guys in a specific mode or team setups? 
    GW only as far as I can tell, didnt notice any issues with the challenge, however I also don't use many bruisers there.  I will record tomorrow when I play and see if I can find anything specific.
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,325
    Yeah @Fluxxx I can attest, enemies are hitting harder. I know this sort of thing pops up now and then, conspiracy feels, but I think this is legit. Something is off. 

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  • SJCSJC Member Posts: 50
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    I have mullet time at 10, 36.9k health , 80DR, lucky staff, 84% chances of avoiding crit hits.I concur ,mullet time was messed up.Instant struggle way too often vs before the upgrade.

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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,052
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    I bet it's Negan's trait changes, messing with the system. Since his trait reduces the damage walkers do, that being added might have affected the damage done when it is not in play. In the past one new change you have added has had effects on something that has been in place a while. The badge change in a recent update springs to mind, you corrected the visual rounding error and it ended up messing with the sequence. I don't know the first thing about coding but I have heard it mentioned that you guys are writing new code on top of old code and that has been known to cause unintended errors. 

    I agree, whilst it wasn't massively obvious at first it did feel a little off and there were several times last week where Eugene got mauled so fast.
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  • Shezza10Shezza10 Member Posts: 40
    I’ve had to drop 2 levels in GW (max 44 down to 42) as I got smashed last week. I lost my first 3 battles which has never happened before and I thought it was just me. Even at 42 I’m having to use Medkits more often. I have to agree with the above.
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  • EngAamieEngAamie Member Posts: 79
    NG pushed another major update? 3.17? whats the change in it. 

  • NovellNovell Member Posts: 299
    EngAamie said:
    NG pushed another major update? 3.17? whats the change in it. 

    Bug fixes, i think. Especialy Negan's leader trait.

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  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 1,403
    Fluxxx said:
    We may look into some options to address Negan's arbitrary marking in the future. but manual marking is unlikely to happen, as some have pointed out - it would be cumbersome for players to have to mark at the beginning of every turn, and having a setting toggle specifically for Negan is out of the question for us.

    I understand the complexity of manual marking from UX/dev standpoint and that it's not very feasible.

    But making Special walkers his priority in automatic Marking would be a great change, since Negan is not very useful in other cases (outside of Outposts & GW defenders).
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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,975
    Maybe any special walker within 3 spaces of negan gets marking priority 
  • Lady JLady J Member Posts: 211
    That is right, something happened with Eugene (my RGlenn and Morgan were huggers before, so didn’t notice with them, but my mullet guy?! ☹️ He is getting into struggles way sooner and faster, and not only in GW mode, noticed that with challenge maps too)... please, check this, because something is definitely off, and with the best bruiser! 

  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 1,012
    Everybody that is seeing your bruisers getting mauled, please for the love of god, take video of your missions so that we could get some actual, verifiable, proof. Now everything I see is the regular uproar about NG nerfing something after every major update. Usually it's Sasha not getting her charges like before, now it's Eugene getting into struggle. 
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  • PastePaste Member Posts: 798
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    I don't have the before/after stats and I'm not really into collecting data or analyzing, but this really isn't normal for me:

    Both the actual damage and ratio of crits was higher than I thought possible before this update. Now it seems to happen a lot.

    My Eugine's leader trait is 7, and he has the infused hazard armor from GW, and near perfect health badges. He has 70% DR from badges and 10% from tactical.
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  • TheKingTheKing Member Posts: 148
    Here it’s mine from today 😔
  • AlexKomAlexKom Member Posts: 71
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    Hi @Lexia! Welcome to the gaming community! I studied all the problems that are associated with the increased damage of the Walking Dead. Now I can not provide accurate data, I started collecting them. The damage of the Walking Dead has really increased since the last update of the game. This problem must be solved and the cause must be found, otherwise I will be ashamed in front of the players of our favorite game for our bouncers, who are becoming useless.
    miori199373[Deleted User]marroba2000mir
  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 359
    What's changes in Challenge Next week??? @Lexia
  • AlexKomAlexKom Member Posts: 71
    I agree with you.  Now all tanks in the game no longer survive.  If this had been said in the announcement of the update, then there would have been no problems.  But no one said about the increase in damage of the walking dead in the announcement.  It looks very strange and incomprehensible.  Someone cheating players and keeping quiet about it?  We need to solve this problem so that there is no talk.
    miori199373[Deleted User]
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,975
    @fragcandance you got any video of walkers doing more damage than before? We need evidence, to take to them. I agree with you that sometimes my eugene is taking massive damage where before he wouldn’t but it’s never when I’m filming! As a community we need to find some rock solid evidence! 
  • miori199373miori199373 Member Posts: 47
    edited May 20
    What kind of proofs are required?
    The logic is following - the damage of walkers was increased but the bruisers were not changed that means they became weaker. 
    So all efforts we put to make them stronger means nothing now… 
    There are tables with damage data “before the upgrade”. Everyone can record the video of the damage - just go to the farm missions with a bruisers team.
    [Deleted User]AlexKommirrebecca38341884
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,975
    @miori199373 that’s the thing, I’ve done just that, looked at the damage tables for walkers that we have and 90% the walker damage seems to match the figures. There does seem to be spikes where it seems excessive but whenever it happens I’m not filming. You say it’s happening  all the time so post a video showing a bruiser taking damage from a 45 with what is the expected damage and what was taken. 
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,975
    So I wanted to check again to make sure I wasn’t talking rubbish and did 2 test runs taking hits. You can see my results and the figures I’ve based the walker damage on. (If these are incorrect let me know). Most of the time there seems to be the usual +\- 10% damage fluctuation but then there are these spikes which I’m talking about. I’ve got the videos to back up the numbers and all 3 survivors are at 80% Dr. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/147_WC5XzjIq1UNRyqi0iGUF6zNoS40RO-aN74DyYayg/edit
  • miori199373miori199373 Member Posts: 47
    Past test, I did not record a video, but it was unexpected to watch it.

  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,975
    edited May 20
    That doesn’t really say anything though? How many hits had he taken? 3 crits would send him to red at that level. 
  • miori199373miori199373 Member Posts: 47

  • miori199373miori199373 Member Posts: 47
    The second hit from the zombies and immediately fight.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,975
    So this is what I mean by spikes in damage. next time you probably took 2 crits at normal levels and didn’t struggle. Its why we need videos of it happening because it isn’t all the time. 
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