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I’ve tried lots of things with Beta.  But he just isn’t making the cut to a top tier player for me.  Can you take a look at his badges and equipment and traits.  Is it me or can he be tweaked in some way?  


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    Badges - 3 x Critical Damage , 3 x Damage
    Follow Through reroll to Lucky !
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    If you were trying to go for a balanced badge set, you should've gave him 3 damage and 3 DR.

    If you’re trying to be defensive, 3 DR and 3 Health.

    Offensive badging should be 3 damage and 3 CD.

    It’s to you on how you use Beta, since some will use him offensive while others might try to get defensively or even balanced. Whatever is the case, follow one of the three options above. I assume you are trying to go offensive based on you having Follow Through, so you should reroll Follow Through for lucky, and get him a armor with the hazard suit trait in addition to the ruthless and dodge on his current armor.
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    Agreed, you've given him a mix of everything so he will be good for nothing. The morning star is really strong and can do serious damage with offensive badges. 

    His leadertrait can be used defensively without needing to rely on taking hits, focus on learning to herd and stun.
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    At 80% DR, he can take a hit without going red until about level 43. If you’re working below that level, D/DR can be a very viable approach. However, since you rerolled his Iron Skin, I’d tend to go offensive. 
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    Badges suck.
    Find 3 Damage and 3 Critical Damage of the same set.
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    Thank y’all!  Great info, but I guess I need to decide how to use Beta. I’m reading offensive.  I like not seeing red… and I’m trying to get to lvl43.   I’ll get working on it.  Badges make such a huge difference.  Appreciate y’all. 
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    Defensive Beta is very good in GW. He has saved a lot of gold and tools for me in high level Go To Exit and Search For Clues missions.
    Ideally with Morning Star without Piercing upgraded.
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    So, IcePeter, are you saying, as is, Beta should be able to take a hit into lvl 43, but offensive 3D/3CD is still a better option?  I’m just clarifying and aligning with the other info.  Thanks.
    And I do think my ability on herd and stun needs improvements.
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    I go offensive as it’s normally possible to herd and keep him safe, then the walkers are next to you and you get the benefit of his powerstrike to deal massive damage. 
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    When you are learning I would suggest using Beta, RGG and SRick (with the golden scissors if you have them). You can use Beta to attack with the morning star and guarantee stun, either by attacking walkers that are up against a wall or by putting a survivor on the other side. You can use tactical on him and Rick to attack and herd again. Glenn is there to take any hits or to stun if you are having trouble herding them together. Once you become more advanced you can swap RGG out for HDaryl and use him to prowl then have the other two herd for safety. 

    There are some maps where kills aren't required, maps where your sole purpose is to loot boxes and get back to the finish and that's where Beta and scout Glenn become a good duo. I haven't recorded videos for a while with the new weapons but here are two video examples:

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    I'm trying to optimize my Beta today. So he has 3x damage badges and 3x critical damage. I rerolled Iron Skin -> 1st try i got Follow Through. Not sure if lucky would be the better choice and how much reroll tokens it will cost, or if Follow Through is also fine.
    What are your experiences?
    Edit: I use Beta with morning star and a ruthless armor.

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    Personally not a fan of follow through on beta, if you kill a walker next to a herded walker and follow through triggers it will unherd it. Prefer lucky as want the best chance of gaining those charge points from herding. 
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    @Novell 100% definitely need Lucky.
    Lucky will improve Power Strike crit chance and Beta's LT chance to gain charge points on herding.
    Better click  "cancel and keep original trait" to save 50% of hero tokens and hope for better roll next time to get Lucky 👍
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    Thx mates. Will try to reroll lucky after saving some reroll tokens.
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