Decision, to unlock at L25 or keep levelling, help pls!

Hi all,

I’d love some advice please. I’ve been saving heroes without unlocking for ages. I’ve got about 13 that I haven’t unlocked yet. 
I’m currently player level 65. My 5 or 6 key heroes that I do have unlocked are all L22-23 with ok weapons mostly at L26 and maxed (apart from token upgrades). 
My training grounds are just hitting L24, so anyone I unlock now will be L25. 
But I don’t have a lot of gear at L25, so they would mostly need to wait to get L25 gear or wait for tokens to upgrade current gear. 
Should I keep pushing forward ASAP to get to 28 before unlocking anyone? That will take months and months to do. But I have quite a lot of L28 gear saved, though nothing special. 
I can sometimes take out the blue badge components from hard distance (got to 19/21 this run), so unlocking now might help there, but will also be bad for guild wars since my start level will jump up but I’ve got no L25 gear. 
Any advice on when to unlock heroes would be appreciated!


  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 1,373
    Applaud your patience! 💪

    First, which 13 heroes you haven't unlocked? What's the lvl of your top 3 survivors?

    In any case - do not unlock more than 2. If you unlock/level up only 2 of your survivors to the next lvl - your GW difficulty will not go up. It's a good idea to have all your gear ready before leveling up survivors. Otherwise you will notice a drastic decrease in your abilities.
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  • pollorexpollorex Member Posts: 164
    At that level you can unlock whichever you want for those reasons:
    #1 you have more than 10 heros to keep leveling so need millions of XP
    That takes a lot of time
    #2 you need to keep leveling armor and weapons much time

    3# you will miss skills letting them locked
    And still have to spend the time

    If you tell me i have 2 heros and I'm level 22 or up I'll tell you keep them lock cuz you upgrade those 2 players and upgrade the weapons and keep there
    Then you kick normal survivor and change they for one of your level ( this is no possible if you have more than 4 heros)

  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 819
    Depending upon how much you play each day and what your personal goals for this game are, that should decide if you want to unlock now or not.

    If you play a lot, expect to keep playing for quite awhile, and you don't mind grinding out the last 3 levels, then I say go for it. If you're ready to walk away from this game, don't play very much each day, or think grinding anymore will make you throw up, then stop. If you've invested money in this game or have yet to do so wishing first to finish the leveling, well, that could make your mind up either way.

    With building upgrades at 13 mil tomatoes instead of 20 mil, you have it easier than I did last year. Throw challenge results to the wind after the easy mm's are over. Scavenge! You can do it! Reach for the sky!
  • SkywithinSkywithin Member Posts: 29
    With level 22-23 heroes you should be completing distance on medium difficulty. It helps a lot if you have more than 10 decent heroes (preferably with badges and re-rolled perks). My heroes are lvl23 and only Beta at lvl24. I'm ignoring no-name survivors and less useful heroes until I get to lvl28.
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