How do i get out of my guild???

I joined a guild 10 was promoted to an elder but I am one of 15 that actually do anything. There are no buttons for me to click so I can leave the guild and join another one. I'm a very active player (see my screenshot)someone please help, LOL


  • DCNatsDCNats Member Posts: 223
    Go to the globe icon and hit the "i" button in the green circle next to your guild name. A screen should pop up that has a "Leave Guild" button.
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    Once you are a free agent again, you can come join Raida1021. We are looking for new members. We need more members to get more benefits in the weekly challenges.
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    We are about: Being active. Weekly Challenges. Levelling up. Teamwork through chat. FUN. It's going great so far. We have a bunch of cool committed players, and we always have open slots. If you want to kick ass and have fun, join us!

    We have 3 guilds: THE WATCH TOWER, WATCH TOWER 1, and WATCH TOWER 2. Right now, there are some open slots for hardcore active players in WATCH TOWER 2, and some slots in WATCH TOWER 1 for slightly more casual, active players.

    Join, and we'll move you up to THE WATCH TOWER as soon as you're up to speed.

    THE WATCH TOWER is top 20 in the US now, and rising quickly up the list!

    We have a great alliance. We're fun, cool, active, and we're kicking ass. No star minimums, just gotta be committed to doing everything you can in the weekly challenge, and be in chat.

    If you like the idea of a guild that is about FUN and that is also approaching the top of the standings, if you want to play hard without a bunch of unfun rules, if you want to learn how to play even better, and help others learn, join us!

    Join WATCH TOWER 2 if you really love the game, and play a lot! No level or star minimum. Just be very active, and chat.

    Join WATCH TOWER 1 if you're slightly less active. No level minimum, just be active, and chat.

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    TheDeadLegion is looking for two more active members. Several players average 150+ stars per challenge, most average 100+ and we are looking for some additional folks who can make at least 50+ per challenge. Do you have what it takes?
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    WalkerGotMyShoe has 2 spots available right now. Come on over
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    lol vultures
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