in-game support off vacationing? help needed

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Been trying to reach out to TWD support in-game without luck for days. Perhaps writing here will help.
Need help restoring my game account. Tried all the tricks out there, still does not connect to Google Play. (Reinstall/cache wipe etc).
In game nick is DimanUA, lvl74, no guild at the moment. Google Play account is Diman26051977, Google account is [email protected]

Phone is Google pixel 5, android 11. Had no issues with the game on OnePlus running same Android version. But the phone's gone, so all I have left is my Google Play save that I cannot access.

Had a similar issue a year ago or so. Wiping system cache helped. But Google pixel removed such option from recovery menu. I am pretty much stuck here..


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,696
    @Shadowman77 you best bet is waiting for support to respond.

    Have you tried logging out and logging back into your google play account?
  • Shadowman77Shadowman77 Member Posts: 9
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    I totally wiped the data off Google store and Google Play games that should do for logging out. I also removed and readded my Google account. Did not help either..the game is visible in Google play games app and if I launch it via this app it does start but won't connect.
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