Black Forest last mission

Haven't figured out how to beat it yet. Tried two assaults with shooter but they can't clear the mobs. Working on leveling up three warriors to try that. Any suggestions?


  • Lynz4texLynz4tex Member Posts: 76
    @Daryls_brother I've had trouble other this Black Forest and was directed to YouTube and there found videos on how to complete each mission in Black Forest. Helped me.
  • WalkerKillr76WalkerKillr76 Member Posts: 22
    I did it with a lv15 leg hunter and two scouts....both epic, one uncommon.....ill see if I can post you the team I used.....
  • WalkerKillr76WalkerKillr76 Member Posts: 22
    @Daryls_brother this was the team and stats I's tough, they took a lot of damage but it can be done....Curtis the bruiser helping you can do some major damage! Lol
  • Daryls_brotherDaryls_brother Member Posts: 8
    Thanks all. I beat it with three level 15 warriors (2 four star and 1 three star). I've never gotten a 5* survivor, after so many 15 phone pulls that I can't keep count any more.
  • Gypsy42Gypsy42 Member Posts: 13
    This last one is tough, I've been stuck on it for about 2 weeks now ughhhh and it doesn't seem to matter that I have 2 level 15 players n 1 level 14. I've been given no phones to try n seek out more higher players. One day I'll get passed it.
  • Gypsy42Gypsy42 Member Posts: 13
    I'm still stuck, Uggghhh sooooo frustrating
  • walkerswalkers Member Posts: 28
    I finished it with Assault Leg (14/15), hunter rare (14/15), assault epic (14/15).
    My two assault with leg weapon lvl 13 and 14, and my hunter with epic weapon level 14.
  • Lynz4texLynz4tex Member Posts: 76
    I finally beat it !!!! Yay !!
  • Gypsy42Gypsy42 Member Posts: 13
    I finished it, finally.
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