More survivor stars

@Fluxxx @Lexia, a lot of people have been around long enough where they have survivors maxed out, 5 pink with level 10 skills (I only have one)... is it possible to increase that?  Something new to work towards...


  • IrishNudistIrishNudist Member Posts: 42
    If you have maxed out hero, game should allow you to exchange tokens towards another hero.  That is a good scenario.
  • PP1990PP1990 Member Posts: 89
    It's not a bad idea but would that make much difference? Only the extra levels of traits would be game changers (like more % dodge, etc)
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 402
    8,000 tokens for an extra 1% chance to dodge? I guess that’s better than the tokens sitting there unusable. The LT increase would be the biggest draw.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,438
    Hell yeah, let's milk those whales till they're dry as a bone!


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  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    I have only seen a small number of people that I can count on 1 hand with max Hero’s. 
    Maybe they could do this for non hero’s. 
    But mate there is no point. What a drain
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