Quality of life improvements

Jacky2332Jacky2332 Member Posts: 49
I'm not here asking for to make the game VR compatible.. but for the love of everything holy.. focus.. make as a priority the very basic simple features like :
-the ability to build multiple teams and save them.. having to Everytime swap characters for different missions is sincerely not just annoying but take the fun out of the game and overall make you frustrated and tired mentally, games is supposed to be fun! 
-let us choose who to send to hospital first, sometimes you want your characters healed in a certain order we have to choose. 
-when scrolling down and clicking on a character card and click back don't let it scroll up automatically again it's so annoying to have to scroll all down again especially if you have a large roaster, big time waste.
-Let us gain food materials and XP from outposts we raid because it's not worth it to raid just for 1 thing that has not a big impact of the growth of players.
-Make 2 or 3 different types of energy because abusing one type make the game unbalanced tedious and slow.
And finally give us an option to store food & materials in our inventory by making them in bags or boxes



  • pollorexpollorex Member Posts: 214
    Max store at the beginning that stop everyone improvement!

    I remember those day i was full and can play cuz don't worth it
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