Six game improvement suggestions

Hi there. Long time lurker, first time poster. :smile:  I have a few game improvement suggestions.

1.) Offer a new token that works only in the Hospital (like Reinforcement tokens work for the Workshop, and Trait Reroll tokens work in the Training Grounds), that allows the player to instantly fully heal one survivor for free.  The game hands them out as rewards similarly to Reinforcement and Trait Reroll tokens.  They can also be occasionally bought in the Shop, at a small discount (say 20% discount) compared to the normal gold price for healing a badly wounded survivor.

2.) Give each guild member a status (like "Elder" status versus regular member) that Leaders/Co-Leaders can toggle, to permit that member to participate in Guild Wars.  (Currently, Leaders can click an "X" next to a member signed up for Guild Wars, but I don't think that prevents that member from signing up again.)

3.) Make Outpost missions more interesting, by: (a) Increasing, by roughly a factor of two, the payout of Influence and crates; (b) Increasing the max walker level for defending walkers; and (c) allowing the defending humans to attack first, as soon as the invaders open the door.

4.) Have Jadis be the next Hero.  She's quite a badass.  Her "personal" weapon: A flare gun, obviously.

5.) The performance of our defender teams in Guild Wars is rather opaque.  Picking the ideal three defender teams is currently little better than guesswork.  This can be alleviated by offering stats for each defender team: For each defender team, display (K) the number of human enemies killed, (M) the number of missions that team defended in, and (P) the kill percentage, i.e., 100 * K / M, in the format: "K / M (P%)".  The max possible value of P is 300%, which would come from always killing all three human opponents in each defender mission.  This gives the player some insight into which teams are working and which aren't, allowing the player to make adjustments.  Because players can modify teams, thereby rendering the stats garbage for analyzing performance, I would advocate the following: Have the counters (K and M) for a given defender team reset each time the player modifies that team (perhaps with a warning prompt when the player is about to save a modification).

6.) Also in the statistics vein, show, for each Hero and regular Survivor the player owns, the number of walkers and humans killed by that character.  The counts go back all the way to when the player first acquired that character (or to when the software tracking these stats goes into effect).  These stats don't directly affect gameplay, but I think it'd be cool to see what this metric tells me about my "best" survivors and to see how well my favorite survivors perform.

My apologies in advance for suggestions that may have already been made.  I haven't lurked *that* much.  :D


  • NoiseratingNoiserating Member Posts: 101
    Hello Superzu, I like your ideas! that's why I up this topic. Your proposals N°3/5 are my favorites. 

    3/ Outpost really needs to be more challenging, this game mode is currently boring.

    5/ The ability to choose our Guild Wars defenders is a good idea on the paper but as we have absolutely no feedback on their performance, it becomes useless.
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