Confession Box for Outpost Raids



  • paeaeaeschpaeaeaesch Member Posts: 87
    Was that you? :) Great defenders!
    They gave a solid "trial by fire" to my team!

    Oh yes that was me, i am not active playing outpost, but the defense usually keeps me above 5k  ;)
  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 798
    Really? How?

  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,625
    Really? How?

    Looks like you didn't kill the last enemy (bruiser). The part you circled was your team. They all died.
  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 798
    I should've recorded and uploaded a video. I promise their Eugene bled to death before I attacked him!!!! ☹😢😰
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538
    edited September 2021
    Great defense! I went in with Abe with The Decimator, my toughest warrior with Obsidian Blade, and RGGlenn with Riot Shield.
    Abe only stunned 1 I think with his Charge Attack. I thought they were guaranteed stuns? Guess not. I got my butt seriously whooped. 🤣🤣🤣

  • catnip1069catnip1069 Member Posts: 3
    Carl. Just. Won’t. Die! 
  • pollorexpollorex Member Posts: 261
    Have someone raid pollorex?
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,340
    So all of a sudden my outpost is getting attacked by people I know from the forum. And in turn, I'm raiding some rather familiar names. I think it's great! And I hope the people I've raided are cool with it (didn't kill any of their defenders!). But I thought it might be worth having a section where people can clear the air -- or if there'e no problem to begin with, just have a laugh about their outpost encounter. So in the past couple of days, I've raided the outposts of: @lmfgunnut @SlickRick @PR0DJ @OneLessTitan @PimpOfTheDead And I have received visits by: @jester @DLich @Japes87 Cheers, guys!
    What you newbies know about these days? Lol 
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