Game stuck in Claim your reward below

Iceman_PTIceman_PT Member Posts: 3
Game is stuck in Claim your reward below. Can't select any of the 3 boxes.
Any Ideas?


  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 2,999
    This happened to me after watching a tik tok ad; couldn't claim any crate. 

    I closed the game. When I opened back up, a different ad was there which allowed crate to be claimed after viewing. 
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  • Iceman_PTIceman_PT Member Posts: 3
    Tryed to lose and open. The same...

  • Iceman_PTIceman_PT Member Posts: 3
    Now it works...
  • TaborTabor Member Posts: 6
    My game has been stuck for several hours in "Claim your reward below!" after watching Cinema.  I closed app, forced stop, even uninstalled and reinstalled, always opens to this same stuck screen.  Please help.
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