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So during a guild war, I can click on a map & it shows the type of map (Search For Clues, Kill Walkers and Exit, etc.), and it also shows the walker types that inhabit that particular map.

One thing that is not shown, is spawns outside the spawns from threat counter.  For this reason, I don’t diversify my team much…. It would be very helpful to know if there are spawns outside of the spawns from threat counter!  
Hopefully this can be implemented.  Thanks for everything ya’ll do!


  • RiseOfNeganRiseOfNegan Member Posts: 172
    This would be a very valuable and desired improvement for guild wars.
  • deividaclimadeividaclima Member Posts: 38
    This is a dream that every player is waiting for.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,078
    PP1990 said:
    10000% agreed. Would help making planning better. Depending if there are endless spawns or not I choose different survivors!

    Yeah I might choose SPY or possibly... mix it up and try SPY? 

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  • pollorexpollorex Member Posts: 248
    Everyone like this but at the same time you know you get use to it! 

    In my case it was a headache when I come into a spawn cuz always go to my hardest ( as most of the good players) but when you know the map don't care that much.

    In the other hand you know is a big risk! As I always say in my guild no pain no glory 😬
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,142
    edited September 2021
    We've asked for this repeatedly. Once it was even thought of as a bug. NG has never changed this or fixed this or even attempted to alert us to this. 

    How difficult is it to show a fixed spawn next to a reducable spawn that TR works on? 

    How hard is it?

    Use a fixed number! Come on!
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