What determines the order of the challenge rankings?

Even if I'm the first to get 4878 points, I'm always overtaken by users who get the same score later.


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    Blair said:
    Even if I'm the first to get 4878 points, I'm always overtaken by users who get the same score later.
    Essa e uma dúvida que eu também tenho
  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 1,995
    Seems to be random now, maybe it's sorted by some user_id that's hidden from UI.

    Would be nice if LB was sorted not only by score but by score AND by modified_date order by modified_date ascending (first person who got same score are on top).

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  • Tux77Tux77 Member Posts: 250
    It was supposed to be who finished perfect last. I know that sounds funny but that is what I was told from @Fluxxx. It’s clearly not that or who finishes first either. It’s about speed on your first map. Don’t have to be a MM just a single map. And you can one star it and go back and redo it. Just be the first person in the game to score the first star and then finish perfect and you will show as number 1 
  • Tux77Tux77 Member Posts: 250
    The bigger issue is now that 4878 is the new norm for that leaderboard, what will NG do to change it? Hard to justify running perfect only to not see your score and name in the original place you finished. I warned of this months ago and got laughed at. Most said it would never happen. Next it will move to guilds and that leaderboard. What will happen when 2 guilds run perfect? Who will show number 1 and 2? Go ahead and laugh but it’s coming. 
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,139
    Challenge leaderboards are obsolete at the moment, until the 4878 nonsense lasts. 
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