Guardian’s (The G’s) are looking for players, Warriors, Fighters.

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Looking to join and up and coming guild?  70+ players is the mode. 
Please come if you love the game.
Please come if you play hard! Click here to join:


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    Update, Just to let you know, we have 19 players, and score 10.000+ in weekly challenge.
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    Hello!  Are you a tier 70 looking to finish those 5+ levels with teammates that cheer you on?  Meantime, do you play hard in war and the weekly challenge?  We have a spot for you.  Use all swords in war.  
    Work hard at weekly challenge.  Members often send crates with prizes.  Pretty nice in the G’s.  Come and finish war 3 and 4 with us.  

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    We also have a group of 55+ who get stronger every week.  So if you play everyday, and want to get some tips, and help, give us a try.

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