Does retaliate supersede stopping power?

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It seems too.  In these 2 pics, first Mercer stopped Dwight and Morgan, then Dwight and Morgan retaliated against my guys.  Doesn’t stopping power mean stop?


  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,330
    Stopping power? Where are you getting that from? 
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    You only rooted them. Not stun them
    They will attack you no problem with guns/rifles 
  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 81
    1. Are you talking about the rooting effect of the DAR? The “stopping” is referring to movement, not action. 
    2. Retaliate has a very specific meaning in this game. It is NOT what happened here. If they retaliated, it would be against whomever hit them (plus anyone who happened to be in the way of the spray). It looks like they attacked you on their turn because you only rooted them, 
  • ElsbethElsbeth Member Posts: 136
    “Stopping power? Where are you getting that from? “
    It’s the charged attack on DAR

    @brucewayne007 I just had an haha moment.  Thank you.

    Thanks echonap.  I understand, now. 
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    No problem. Glad I could help :) 
  • pollorexpollorex Member Posts: 206
    Retaliate happen to the ones front your survivor too! 
    In GW you can make a test
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