I F**king Hate The Minefield Map



  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 1,227
    Actually the minefield map is awesome on nightmare levels. The last time (round 78 or something) it’s so rewarding guiding all those Spikeys and Tanks into the mines where they are instakilled 💥

    So super fun map but still haven’t figured out if those two rightmost mines span over two tiles or not 🙈
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  • Gobold69Gobold69 Member Posts: 133

    i agree with most of what s said so feel some rebalancing yes, some maps stupid, so as I don’t spend not very limited how far I will go or what tools I am prepared to use.

    BUT!  Minefield is only good with full brightness and I won’t risk my eyes health for the stupid decision to make it too hard and dark.  Not hit my minimum this week and am out for the week

  • ninjaTITANninjaTITAN Member Posts: 11
    I saw the topic thread and just wanted to come in to say I really like the map. It’s kinda fun (especially since I have bad vision), it’s a super challenge to figure out who will survive through the field even if I take mine damage. Brightness 100, my reading loupe. I’ll get there.
  • VykingVyking Member Posts: 2
    Anyone recall what this Challenge as a whole was called? <blanking>
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,772
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    Season 11 challenge

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  • VykingVyking Member Posts: 2
    Well, that was creative! 🙄😉
  • MuirnaMuirna Member Posts: 183
    I don't have any issue with Minefield beyond thinking the mines should be red before exploding so that people don't have to circulate screenshots with red dots where the mines are or refer to an aid like that. And a blown mine should look clearly different from one that isn't.
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