Scouts +50% damage

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Hey @Lexia.
Not sure if anyone else mentioned in any thread, but as it shows in the game, scouts dont only start charged, they also have 50% plus damage. But the +50% damage doesnt work. In my case Rick always deals 580-600k damage with Rosita in lead with the new scout weapon. And he still does the same damage right now. Player a scavanger mission and in this game mode it normally should work, right? 


  • BlackFBlackF Member Posts: 43
    That is the what i meant.
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 835
    Hi @BlackF,

    There was a mixup with the news, so scouts start charged this week but do not have the +50% damage. Sorry for the confusion and miscommunication 🙏
  • BlackFBlackF Member Posts: 43
    Hey @Lexia,

    Absolutly no problem. Thanks for the quick answer. 👍🏻
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