GIRL POWER: ORGANIZING COMMITEE (and how everything started)

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Dear community,

These are all the dedicated players that have contributed to make this event possible. At the same time, they represent an amazing group of women that got together by chance, created a small community and wanted to give others the same opportunity they had to share and feel empowered. So, here's the story of how everything started.


➡️ How everything started

Last year, a guild made an open invitation for everyone to join a lighthearted boys vs girls competition. A chat only for girls was created to share strategies. After the challenge, we kept the chat and shortly after, we found ourselves sharing not only strategies but our deepest thoughs and worries. Hurtful experiences. Common topics included bullying and sexual harassment both in real life and from members of our guilds, among other things. Since female players are normally fewer than male players, we realized that we all felt more or less alone and not supported. But this time it was different; we realized that we had each other. What could have been another temporary chat turned out to be the space we didn't know we needed and although we didn't win for about 100 stars, the gains we obtained were much more meaningful.

➡️ The planning

A couple of days before New Year we talked about having a girls only event for us, thinking January. One of us said: hey, why don't we leave it for March 8th, the International Women's Day? The chat exploded. We knew how important it could be. We were all eager to do something not only for fun but also to give other female players around the world, just like us, the chance to have an open space to share the same issues that we have dealt with. To empower them. To give them a voice. We all started giving ideas and we formed the organizing committee to put them all together.

➡️ Where we are now 

We started working on the details and this is what we have so far: a public event open for all female players regardless of star count and level, delegates for 8 different languages so far to reach the ones that otherwise wouldn't have the chance to participate, the loving support of male guildmates that are proud of what we're doing, the support of Next Games, which includes in-game advertisement (and other surprises), and a still growing number of more than 140 players already sharing among each other, which melts the hearts of all the members of the original chat where everything started. The message that we want to send you, beautiful girls, is that you're not alone here, you shouldn't be; united we survive and thrive. And although this is a gaming community, the message that we want to send to everyone is that violence against women is not a game. We want to say it loud and clear.

This is the first time in NML's world that an event with a social connotation is being carried out, so we're all part of something remarkable. Yet we also know that we still have a long way because some women are still treated unfairly both here and in real life. That's why this is so important. It's a start.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the event, that we can create a strong female community to be there for each other and that it can become the first of many other annual events to honour our day. Spread the word.


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