not in guild?



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    Servers should be coming back up, our server guys are monitoring. The ones not debugging the rollbacks :P
  • xX13Shadow08XxxX13Shadow08Xx Member Posts: 9
    Yea I'm the leader of my guild and I'm not in it. My guild is Dead Shadows
  • CascaCasca Member Posts: 2

    Yes @Casca things will go back to you being in ur guild

    Ok thank you for the info, I was only asking about the rollback because I finally got a legendary assault last night and got alittle worried ;)
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    Same issue here... I can't search for a guild either.
  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634

    Okay, that feels a little better.

    I know the developers are aware of this issue, however, I just had to release my frustration and disappointment.

    With the raising of the challenge reward tiers some time ago and the difficulty of this weeks challenge, every minute counts.

    Throw in the need to refill gas, have survivors heal, and the limited time windows to actually log in a play it is so hard when the "Not in Guild" error occurs.

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  • xX13Shadow08XxxX13Shadow08Xx Member Posts: 9
    Same here
  • rayray Member Posts: 111
    Same issue, can't run my guild,
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  • stevie05stevie05 Member Posts: 226
    All is lost will my points I just earned show up? All guild comments gone.....
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Hmmm I suspect it's something like this...
  • Dobrien5Dobrien5 Member Posts: 69
    I am also no longer in a guild.
  • johnnydivesjohnnydives Member Posts: 324
    Can't put this one down to NextGames but they should of known and had communication from Azure. Maybe like that they don't get back to us that have issues they don't read memos or emails about scheduled maintenance either.

  • C_LloydC_Lloyd Member Posts: 209
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    It is a server wide issue currently. Link to the Explanation of the problem occurring
  • Animesh101Animesh101 Member Posts: 83
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    Currently there is no BUG in the game... Rather GAME is in the BUGS
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    I am also without gilde. And i was the Leader :-/
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  • EnigmaEnigma Member Posts: 1
    Ok. Was there a coup against me? I am no longer in my own guild.
  • vaynardvaynard Member Posts: 21
    Same issue
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    Question will my stars count when this bug is fixed?
  • Silvy_MeiSilvy_Mei Member Posts: 50
    eetu Staff

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    Looks like Azure (our cloud provider) is doing scheduled updates and is rebooting servers. We expect service to resume shortly.
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    This is a temporary issue on our server farm, we expect full functionality to be restored shortly. Sorry for the scare :)
  • CaxCax Member Posts: 1
    I played last night before bed and I even left a message on message board. Today it's not there. I even searched the name and it never came up. So where did it go?
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    @eetu Mentioned that it was the server provider doing server updates and restarts that caused the problem. Also mentioned that it should automagically right itself after they're done doing their funny business.
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    Not sure what happened to the guild i was in. It vanished or someone hit the wrong button and booted me. :(
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    No you are probably good. The good servers are down. @psychosteben
  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    Jewish said:

    Ok so apparently I'm not in a guild even though I'm the leader!

    This happened a few weeks ago so hopefully will be ok

    There are a few things that certain in life, such as death and taxes. This is another one. As @jester says if you think of it as a feature you only get upset when it does not happen. Which leads to less stress. I have adopted this attitude also for movies after a mission and when visiting the cinema. Just don't freak out if you can chat with your guild or you get to open a crate after watching a movie (and assuming the app does not crash) - both of those things have been reported to occur now and again :)
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    Merged the Threads "Not in a guild" and "not in a guild (again)" - @akaalias (that was your thread)

    Just trying to keep everything about this issue in the same place :)

    And again, If anyone doesnt already know... this issue is being addressed.
    Explanation here
  • Dave_Slobbe1Dave_Slobbe1 Member Posts: 4
    Where is my guild? al my members are gone. I am the leader of NL united 1e in the nl ranking. Please fix it
  • C_LloydC_Lloyd Member Posts: 209
    @Cax there is a Server update happening, It will be resolved soon. I will merge your thread into the mega thread so this all stays in one place, the information you're looking for is in that thread also :)
  • Mil4DrumsMil4Drums Member Posts: 1
    Same thing has happened to me. I'll wait and see what's up.
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