Wild Walking family is RECRUITING!

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Wild Walking is a long established guild family, we have a broad range of players from the ultra competitive to the super laid back and chilled. Whatever your player type or goal within the game, we can find a place for you. 

We are consistently in the top 5 for the challenge and GW and have been known to top the rankings when we really push for it. All our guilds below are strong too in their own right. We do this without putting unnessecary stress or pressure on any player, you don't want to push, that's cool we can move you down until you feel that you do. Up and coming killer? We can help you develop and work your way up. Don't really like GW? We have a guild for that too.

We have a number of helpful chats on the Line app and joining that is a necessity to joining us. We use it primarily for coordinating movements so you can be as active as you want to be. Below is a picture of our tracker, you can see where you would fit in, we use a 4 week challenge average and the average mission level for GW to rank you so you will be placed with players around your skill level. Can't be bothered to max with the challenge but a killer in GW? Your score won't suffer much. 

Contact myself or our leader Slayer on the Line app to join!

Myself: wellyluga 
Slayer: tectuc 


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