Duplicte, pilling, stacking - why we need them? This only increases the risk of unnecessary mishaps

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I would like to touch on a topic that causes mishaps during battles.
The game does not refresh sufficiently whether the given map is free or busy.
This leads to the duplication of maps by unsuspecting players.
This most often happens on PvP maps.
Would it be possible to add an option so that the PvP maps could not be duplicated?

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  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,019
    At least from initial thought, this is not necessarily so straight forward as a topic or suggestion.

    Taking on the same mission (by mistake or on purpose) is both part of many guilds strategy, as well as part of the Guild Wars strategic aspects of planning and co-operating with your guild and members.

    Now I of course understand that if there is lag or miscommunication, this may be annoying or frustrating, but I'd personally feel that removing this would also remove some of the very intriguing side of Guild Wars and strategizing. 

    Not sure if this would be on the top of things to look into possibly changing for GW, but always happy to hear some more insights on this from others :smile:

  • RickMSARickMSA Member Posts: 124
    In my opinion there are two different kinds of doubling/stacking etc:

    Strategic stacking on high level PvZ missions to maximize vp is good and shouldn’t be touched as it gives more strategic variety especially nowadays where battles are more often decided around max score. 
    But no decent guild doubles/stacks on PvP missions on purpose as it doesn’t make any sense at all. But it also happens in our guild from time to time due to a certain technical delay.
    So I would also appreciate if stacking is removed from PvP missions and still possible in any PvZ mission. Don’t know if this makes sense in the eyes of a dev but for most players it would imo…
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    One thing to consider is that it can happen that you need to finish someone else's mission. Let's say someone is playing a mission, but drops their phone in the sea or it gets stolen, or simply they lose connection (like happened in Kazakstan). If there was no possibility to enter their mission, it would be impossible to finish that sector. Now obviously if someone goes MIA during battle it's probable that you lose it anyway, but in the best case it's just a few lost swords instead of a guaranteed defeat.
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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 1,201
    To me this sounds like you are trying to fix one problem by introducing a new one. Just sayin.
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  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,175
    This! How to warm earlier?

    Maybe a list of that days gw players on the side of the map screen and anyone from that list actively looking at the map screen or in a map has their own name lit up.
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