Guild merge

OpusOpus Member Posts: 3
Active Guild of 11 looking to bring in (merge with) another guild.
Guild name: Ghost
Main focus: GvG



  • TembelOneTembelOne Member Posts: 19
    Hey Opus, 

    we have 11 active players too and one of them is not active lately but we really dont want to kick him.
    are you still interested to merge?
    how many players do you have now at your guild? 
    can you all come to our guild because of our lately offline friend?

    as you can see i saw your post very late, im not frequently checking forum but i'll check it for your response. you can also write me via Line App. my id is idbutnotactually

    i have a nice hope about this. 
    have fun and cya.
    Mavericks XXX
  • _Lily__Lily_ Member Posts: 721
    @Singer01 would be interested in talking to you. Good luck! 😊
  • wagswags Member Posts: 7
    Sounds like we would be a good fit. Check out InnerCircle in-game, and let me know. 
  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 142
    Killmongers have 10 active players. Some active in GWs too.
    We would like any other guild that has 10 or less to come to us..Our Sister guild UK DEADMONGERS currently average 11th in UK top Guilds are also looking for 2 players that can score 1500+
    Leader of STALKERS_CAMP
    Level 78
    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
  • TotallyTotally Member Posts: 30
    We are looking to merge as well contact through Facebook messenger Sup Redstone please The players we have are very strong and United
  • bigpoppapuffbigpoppapuff Member Posts: 5
    We have 8 slots to fill we are a active guild y'all are welcome to come on board 
  • MuirnaMuirna Member Posts: 176
    edited April 7
    Were you all able to get things sorted out and fill your guilds? I hope so! I know it can be really difficult playing in a guild with so many vacancies as it lessens the rewards you receive in challenges and GWs.

    If any of you are still struggling, as I mentioned to bigpoppapuff, another option would be to merge your crew into a larger existing family of guilds that can help keep you in guilds that are full with 19-20 (typically 20) active players of similar levels to your crew. A large guild family also has a lot to offer such as resources, mentoring, socializing, etc.

    I am part of the Eh family of guilds, and any or all of you and your crews would be welcome any time to visit our Discord server and chat about what we have to offer and what merging your crew into Eh might look like if you wanted to know your options.

    You can visit us on Discord here:
  • Johnny_BJohnny_B Content Creator Posts: 188
    Hi there Opus,

    we are a family of 4 guilds and our 2nd Guild Green Jackets recently lost quite a few players who decided that family life wasn't for them. We would certainly welcome all 11 of your players into the family, however this week a lot of our friends in the community have grabbed the opportunity for a visit so we wouldn't be able to sort it until Monday 18th April.

    Our top guild GreensareSuper has a 1500 minimum and is in the UK top 10
    Green Jackets has a 1200 minimum and is usually UK top 20
    Greens Attack has a 700 star minimum
    and our training guild The Green Room has a 300 star minimum
    All the guilds are active in Guild Wars too so there is a lot of loot to be earned weekly, with dedicated teams. We also have line chat communication for tips and tricks and also a website (see link below).

    PM @Johnny_B or @ads888 for more info
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