One thing you'd like to see in NML in 2022 💡

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Hey everyone! 👋

I wanted to drop in and say that it's always interesting to read about all the different suggestions and ideas that you all bring up on this Forum, not to mention a lot of interesting insights to different elements in the game and how they are perceived or utilized by you.

Looking at the year 2022, we already have some bigger ideas in mind that we'd like to develop, but also keeping a bunch of general improvements in mind and aiming at adding some with every update. We've also had some discussions on what sort of in-game and general events that would be nice to have, and that already resulted in some interesting suggestions to look into more.

It's easy to see that there are a lot of ideas out there, but - what is that ONE thing you'd like to see in NML during the year 2022? If nothing else happens, what is that one thing that you'd at least like to see done?

Share your one suggestion here, and please also utilize the opportunity to react to others ideas so we can see what as many as you are possibly thinking about these suggestions! 😊

PS. 'Make melee strong again' (+Ezekiel) and GW Beta are already very much noted from before 😉


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    ***chokes down his Guild Wars Charlie comment***

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    I would like to see improvements to the overwatch/punish mechanics in terms of walker selection. There are moments where I want to overwatch with the cripple bow or keep threat low, only to see my survivor target a walker I didn't want to target and go into struggle with the one I did. The other issue is with punish attacking a fast walker about to come out of stun, punish attacks it only for retaliate to kick in - if this is convoluted I would just rather see them not retaliate to a punish attack. Either way, I feel screwed by a choice I didn't want the game to make. 

    I would like to possibly see something similar to the dog support when I hit end turn where it shows me the walker I am going to target and then I can choose to tap the button again to confirm or change it if I want. It would add an added tactical element and also solve any issues with an accidental end turn press. I understand why it is there for simplicity but it is 2022 and I think some evolution is needed.
  • HellnightHellnight Member Posts: 162
    There are 2 posts I wrote that were widely accepted:
    1: exchange the 5 traits of one hero for another, example: I want to play with Shane as a leader, but that he has the Sasha leader ability. Through some option called "exchange traits" Sasha's traits pass to Shane (trait level does not matter, if Sasha had five level 7 traits and Shane had five level 5 traits, when exchanging Sasha with five level 5 traits, and Shane with five level 7. This option should only be able to be done once a month and only between characters of the same class (hunter - hunter for example)
    2: ANNUAL "Show me what you got" event. This event is so that both PTW and FTP players can fight on equal terms and show their skill, because there is unlimited gas and free healing. I would add to my original idea to remove the round limit only in said event, so that everyone could unleash their maximum potential, although this would not be so important.
    Thanks for listening to suggestions @Lexia
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    There are still a bunch of good suggestions for picking here ;)
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    Greetings.  I propose the following:

     1) Add a pvp mode so that players can attack each other in real time, like in outpost mode.  Defense side, attack side.  Make a ranking and some awards for prizes at the end of each cycle.

    2) It is necessary to strengthen the class of scouts, they are the weakest in the game, they are unable to stun enemies, scouts are unable to kill walkers in the last rounds of the Challenge.

    3) I propose to make Gabriel the scout more useful.  I suggest giving him a chance to avoid damage from any attack of the enemy, at least 40% with the possibility of increasing and influencing the skill of luck on a new leadership trait.  Leader Trait: Divine dexterity.  How nice it will be to see.

    4) I propose to add a new killer leadership trait to one of the new scouts, or to Carol's scout, who is still on the bench and is not needed anywhere, unfortunately.

     New Leader Ability: "Fatal Kill" .  Carol is a scout, or a new scout hero has the ability to destroy any enemy with 1 hit, regardless of the enemy’s health level, let’s say it will be a minimum 15-20% probability, with the possibility of increasing so that luck also affects this ability.

    5) Make these heroes more useful: Jerry, Morgan the sniper, Morgan the bouncer, Tara, Merle, Aaron, Abraham, Rick the Shooter , Jesus, Maggie hunter,  Dwight. These are very bad hero leaders to Challenge.  Carl is a good defensive leader on WG and outpost - but he doesn't make any sense in challenge mode!  I have a lot of ideas for changing each hero, if anything I can share it more.

    6) Please make sure that WG defenders cannot be viewed before the battle, why is the defense better done by you at the outpost than at WG?  WG defenders act inconsistently, run away in different directions.  All information about them is known to the attacking player, this is very bad!  This is the weakest link in the war, but in the series, people are more dangerous than walkers!

    7) At the outpost, you can set up defenses and information about the defenders is hidden, this is the excitement.  And on WG - everything is open, the defenders act inconsistently: they don't use charged attacks, they don't have badges and support, they are the weakest link.  But in the series, people with guns are more dangerous than the walking dead!
    I hope you understand me correctly.  I'm sorry, English is not my native language))
  • RohlikzauchemRohlikzauchem Member Posts: 95
    One and ONLY thing i would like to see is:

    BETA TESTING new patches/updates before going live.
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