If I switch guilds now during a guild war, do I lose my points?  Will I gain the tier points from the new guild I join?


  • hdhdhhdhdh Member Posts: 47
    No you won't lose your points and yes you'll reach whatever tier the new guild is at
  • WDW76WDW76 Member Posts: 63
    But he must have played at least one GW in the new guild to get its levels.
  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 2,239
    RP - you don't lose those, but will have to play at least 1 battle to buy anything of higher tier in GW shop, if you join a new guild of the higher tier.

    VP - "Total VP" count always stays with you. If you leave guild and then come back to the same guild - your total VP in this guild will show up again in guild's GW leaderboard.
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  • HawaiiHawaii Member Posts: 76
    Thank you.
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